Friday 29 September 2023


 With October almost upon us, it's time to set the next challenge. If you want to follow the original rules for Zomtober, feel free, or just paint what you want for Apocalypse me. The rules on Apocalypse Me are as follows :

1 it can be a part finished model, or one that you paint from scratch.

2 Models, scenery or vehicles all count.

3 you have until the end of October to get your models finished, but I wont be doing the round up until at least 10 days into November, so you have time to get your posts up after the closing dates (as we all know how life can happen ! LOL)

What counts as apocalypse well here is the definition :

an event resulting in great destruction and violent change: Nobody was artistically better prepared to deal with the watery apocalypse that followed Hurricane Katrina than this 75-year-old man. In the Bible, the Apocalypse is the total destruction of the world.

If you give me a valid reason why what your painting fits into this, then it will count, also if you're feeling really adventurous you can convert or sculpt a model of yourself in a apocalypse setting, like I did the first year as seen below.

Here are a sample of last years fantastic entries.

How do you register, well you can either leave a comment below, and if yours is a blog I don't follow please add a link to your blog, or you can drop me an email at with your name and your blog, that's all for this post, so until next time, stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Tuesday 26 September 2023


 Spurred on by completing the last big scale marine, I decided to finish the other one I had, this was the one released by Forgeworld as a Death Company Marine in their Showcase range, what the standard model looks like can be seen below.

I changed a lot of the icons to my chapter, but also commissioned a jetpack by the king of the  bigature Cassar, for those who have not heard that name, he was very active on Cool Mini or Not, but also frequented other forums, where he scrathbuilt big scale models out of Milliput. The only addition I did to the jetpack was add a skull.

Now I had both marines finished, I decided to finally get the bust of a commisar done, as it was so close, and just needed a few details finished off.

This is where I thought this post would be ending, but my eldest daughter brought up a lifesize model that she wanted help with, the caterpillar from Labyrinth. Apparently she had ordered the static one, but because the lady selling them had a delay because of her printer, she upgraded to the moveable one (THANKS ! LOL) this then added to the fun of trying to get paint everywhere.

Think it's turned out pretty well, and close to the reference picture. The next post will be about October's challenge, so until then, stay safe, and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Saturday 23 September 2023


 While I was working for GW, one Christmas they gave every staff member a big scale marine miniature, as seen below.

It is a great model, and I was lucky enough to get hold of a second one, from a staff member who didn't want theirs ( had no interest in marines, I know heresy ! LOL). I had the idea to paint it up as my chapter, but it needed some additions, the knife he was holding wouldn't fit in the scabbard, as it should be a gladius, this I got from the Inquisitor model of Artemis. Also I wanted to sculpt on my chapters symbols on the shoulder pads, I decided to make it a sergeant for a devastator squad, colour wise I used the same recipe that I normally use, but with the larger surface area allowed for a bit more detail easier.

Happy with how it turned out, and have another same scale that Forgeworld released to finish off as well, so until next time stay safe, and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Wednesday 20 September 2023


 During the summer my youngest daughter got me a gift, for risking life and limb picking up a motorcycle for her to be able to start riding after her birthday. She got me a set of Tusken raiders to add to my tribe, the set consisted of six males and three females. I've kept to my normal sort of colours but varied the tones slightly from previous sets. Below are the six males, they are all 3D prints and the quality is crisp, but some of the finer details are a little shallow, which would be my only criticism.

The one on the right is sat on a rock, which was a bit of a strange pose, but still looks effective. Below are the three females, which are all armed in a variety of ways, which is a nice change from the ones I built.

Below is a group shot of all the Tuskens I currently have.

I still need to do some more tents, and I would like some more hounds, and children, and then I need to do some riding Banthas to really make it complete. That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Sunday 17 September 2023


 As the title may suggest I have now finished my group of adventurer's and here is a group shot of them all together.

From above you will see, I have finished the second Gunbot.

And second Gun Drone.

Junk is now painted, I had to adjust his shoulder pad at the end as I realised I hadn't included any red in his colour scheme, and gave him an ace of spades symbol.

Next is Wys, I've added a little blood to his wrench to show he uses it for a little blunt force trauma.

I did the same on Doox's hammer, and both had a mottled skin tone done, and dirtied up overalls.

With all the characters and drones now finished, I need to start they're landing craft, got a few ideas, and will hopefully have something to show for that soon. That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun ! 

Cheers Dave

Thursday 14 September 2023


 So this has been the biggest year so far, with so many returning participants, and many new ones as well. I will be posting each persons blog with pictures, but many of them have more pictures from other angles on their blogs, so do check them out.

joesavestheday Joe has worked through a lot of 40K scenery but also found time for some Fantasy stuff as well

lostdamnedstunted Dai got  not only some very cool vending machines done, and a mighty fine frozen pool finished, and made some headway through some MDF kits for his next project.

angrypiper Keith not only got a whole bunch of Aliens scenery completed but a Dragon Graveyard as well.

justneedsvarnish John not only did a lot of fantastic vegetation but some great boats and landing craft ( the boat is the one chasis with all these variants, talk about space saving ! LOL)

tllw Stewart not only finished his ACW gaming board and details, but has even taken it to a show and gamed over it already.

kuribospainting Jeff added to his Fallout scenery with some great road tiles, and consoles and desks.

pmpainting Matt gave us an interesting romp through lots of different natural areas.

azazelx covered multiple genre's and makes the rest of us feel like we paint in slow motion, but it wouldn't be the same without him ! LOL

rantingsfromunderthewargamestable Roger even though real life keeps throwing him curve balls managed to get double win by painting his advent challenge models that also work for S.O.S.

convertordie Wudugast painted up a load of scenery for his underhive gaming, and also a load for fantasy as well ( Azazael his giving you a run for the money with his output ! LOL)

doubledowndice Brian has been adding to his scratchbuilt dungeon terrain, to make his D&D games more atmospheric ( I'd consider getting back into this RPG on terrain like this )

dagreenhorde Snapfit painted up a great Goblin encampment made by Grendel.

caveadsum1471 Iain, repurposed a lot of part built scenery from old projects to make some exquisite terrain, for his current gaming, bet you can't guess what they were originally for ?

spacedinosaurminis not only did a great fantasy scenery piece, but also a load of starships for Star Wars armada.

markamorin Mark did a fantastic war balloon for his Wars of Ozz gaming, you seriously need to check out how much work went into getting this piece done.

gurupig Dave used multiple sources for his sci-fi gaming board.

thewargamingerratic Lorenzoseventh finished his scratchbuilt Tower building, 

262krieg DAM finished two reaver titans, in the new Titanicus scale , with tons of great detail, now I just need to find why my comments on his blog aren't working ! LOL

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, all your contributions to this challenge is what makes it all worthwhile ( Roger shouting in the background) almost forgot I manged the odd tree and bits and bobs as well

That's all for another year, don't forget to post up your challenge Ogre's once painted as Roger will be doing a roundup on those on his blog, so until next time, stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave