Monday 29 January 2024


 I thought I'd do a Roger and get two challenges done from one model (a very canny man ! LOL) this year Keith at angrypiper has set a challenge and you've got all year to complete it, and it's simple paint a Dragon, to coincide with the Chinese year of the Dragon, all Dragons count, so I was a little gutted as I'd recently painted two Coatyl's which are South American Dragons, so I was surprised last week when searching for a bit in the bit's box and found a third Coatyl body, I've no idea where this one came from, unless it was from a friend who gave me a bag of lizardmen bits and it was in there. I had a pair of resin wings that had lost a couple of feathers, which I thought would represent battle damage, and greenstuffed them into the body, I made up another tree to tie into the previous two pinning all the sections together to make it stronger to take the weight as I did on the previous ones.

And here it is with the other two.

I've also got a second Dragon done, one of my Zodiac Dragons. Haven't I already painted one of these, the answer is yes, but that one had a sad end at a show, when a young child decided to see if it could fly ! As I am no longer going to shows I thought I'd push the painting further so I shaded the blue with red, and highlighted with yellow. I've included a shot of the original painting below for reference.

While I'm showing some Fantasy bits I thought I'd show the latest bits I've done for my client. First is two more pits

Next are two columns I've done one fallen down with a crushed adventurer underneath.

That's all for todays post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 25 January 2024


 Continuing on with trying to complete armies (as long as GW doesn't keep releasing new models for ones I thought I was at an end of ! LOL) I've painted up the last Raider I need for my Dark Eldar Wych army, this is the last section of the three factions that need finishing, I was lucky enough to get a new Raider for Christmas, and I've gone with the standard colours that I use for that faction mostly bone colour with weapons and details done in black and highlighted with green then gloss varnished.

I had to convert the crew to Wyches, as the standard model has Kabalite crew, but I think they turned out well. This now leaves 3 Khymerae to complete this army, which I have started to build, but may take some time.

You may have noticed my output for the current challenge has been lower than previous years, this is partly due to lot's of painted orders, not just the few bits I've been showing which are something new, but more standard stuff direct from my website, and also my children needing help with some bits for their Martial Arts entrances, for contests. They are allowed to give themselves fighting names, and use accessories for their entrances. My daughter chose the name Red Devil, and found a Japanese Demon mask on line, but the teeth and horns needed tidying as the painting on them was a bit sloppy.

My son chose the name Skullcrusher, and wanted a skull mask, when it came through, the painting was terrible, so I repainted the whole mask, also, my son liked the idea of having mirrored lenses behind the eyes, which I got from my favourite sunglasses that broke last year, I had to greenstuff these in as they didn't fit the eyes well. 

Thinking of putting black cloth behind the ears and nose sockets to add to the effect. That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave 

Monday 22 January 2024


 I've been busy doing some more pieces for my customer, these first ones are pieces that he sent to me for painting. Up first 3 tables, these are metal.

Next is a bar, this piece is metal also and came in to pieces.

Next is a wood totem, once I'd shown him the picture he asked, if I could add a base to make this one more stable, and is in the second picture with the stone totems which are all 3D prints.

Next we have some tombs, the two on the left are actually ones that my company produce, and the one on the right is a 3D print which has two different internals.

Next is a pair of decorative suits of armour which are also 3D prints.

Now we get to some pits I've been making for my client, the first one has a bag of gold spilling out. The second one has a corpse on it, when my customer told me that in the scenario you could have a geyser erupt out of them I used a head that had most of the flesh missing with only a couple of areas with it.

Last today is a mistake on my part, as I totally misconstrued what my customer was looking for, so we have a dead horse in snow drift.

I have no idea if my customer will want this, so I could be flogging a dead horse if anyone is interested ! LOL That's all for todays post, so until next time, stay  safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 18 January 2024



As Stewart pointed out on my last Kroot post, I couldn't claim to have my Kroot army finished if I still had models left over, I thought I'd better get on and finish them all. First is the two Kroot hounds, I've gone for an almost albino feel to the skin using a blue glaze over the basic skin I painted underneath.

I found these models to be a lot smaller than the original sculpts that GW released, I've included a picture below with the new sculpt on the left, the original in the middle, and my Master Shaper Hound sculpt on the right, personally I don't have a problem using the three different sizes, and I'll be giving these new models to my Dark Shaper.

Next we have the Shaper that comes in the box, I'm going to use him as the apprentice to the Dark Shaper.

Next is a Kroot with hunting rifle, I've made a few of this weapon for my sniper squad, and good to see GW's version is pretty damn close to my conversions.

Next is a Kroot with what looks to be a type of shotgun, will have to get the rules for these.

Next is a Kroot with a type of heavy weapon called a Londaxi Tribalest, which I will also need to find the rules for.

Next is a Kroot Bow Hunter, I will also need to get the rules for these.

Last is the Kroot tracker, this one I didn't even look at the other option for it, as I knew I wanted to have a go at painting the bird spotter, I've used colours from a tropical bird I found as the basis, and I've included the reference picture below.

So this now means I've finished this army, and I also have a Kroot Killteam, which is just as well, as my two youngest children have expressed an interest in wargaming, and we've gone with Killteam as a starting point to see if they like it, without having to build massive armies. Unfortunately for me all the new bits in this kit has sparked a load of new ideas for my Kroot army, hopefully if I concentrate on everything else I'm working on I wont add anymore ! LOL

That's all for this post so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 15 January 2024


 As I continue to try and complete a lot of models that are currently littering my desk, I have some Rebels for Star Wars today. The first piece is the AT-RT that comes in the Legion start up box which I got for my Birthday, colour wise I've gone with similar colours I've used on my other rebels, and the vehicle itself, I've gone for desert tones, as I'm gaming over Tatooine.

Next is a rebel pilot that you get with the crashed X-Wing which I got for Christmas, the vehicle may well end up being done during Season of Scenery later in the year. Colour scheme I've gone with the Blue Squadron uniform, as I really like it, and also it's not as common as the orange one.

Next is a Rodian that you get with the X-34 Landspeeder, which I also got for Christmas, I've wanted this kit since it's release to be used as Luke's speeder, but not wanting to waste the additional crew thought this one would look good on a normal base.

I've also painted Luke from the Legion starter box, in the Dagobah/ Bespin outfit, as I'm aiming to have my games set before the completion of the first Death Star, I wont have much use for this figure, but didn't want it cluttering up my desk waiting for paint.

Last today is a 3D print that my friends at Miniaturemen sent me back last year, which I've finally got round to painting the Daimyo version of Boba Fett, this was a fun one to paint as I have already painted an original style one, so this presented new challenges, as the colour scheme has changed for the version seen in the series Book of Boba Fett.

That's all for todays post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave