Tuesday 26 January 2021


 Normally I would have something new to show by now, but unfortunately I got an eye infection last Thursday, and wasn't able to sculpt, paint, or even look at a computer screen, which was why I was a bit late commenting on many of your fine posts. All caught up now thankfully, and back to commenting as soon as I see a post from you fine people.

Now for the " PAINT WHAT YOU GOT " challenge I've completed all but a unit of land speeders, that I set myself, so need to add something new. As you can see by the picture above I have no shortage of projects to choose from. I've decided to go with finishing the last two spacemen for the cantina, and the remaining 4 aliens, once I've done those and the speeders, I'll choose the next target.


Here is the list of everyone who has expressed an interest in the challenge and what they've been doing.

azazelx has got off to a great start , and completed multiple models, including marines, a rusted up vehicle, giant snake, chainsaw wielding brethren, D&D characters, and robots already.

Mark  has been working hard on his Conquistador force and completed several units, including war dogs

Keith has already completed his Star Trek miniatures, that he planned to get done, but he may add some more yet.

Ivor has started work on his enormous ship, but has also completed multiple Lord of the Rings models and Star Wars models as well.

Roger has already completed his Blood Bowl team, and is now moving on to his Elvira model

John has got his first WW 2 vehicle finished and has made progress on a lot more, check out his WIP shot in his last post.

Simon has already finished his Blake's 7 models, and is progressing well through a load of Marvel characters.

Joe has been working on some 54 mm Chinese conversions for his Wild West gaming, that are close to being finished, with some very clever use of string.

Ann has been working hard on finishing the Pig Demon, and is hoping to do a Gnome with Dragon as well

Mick has dedicated himself to Grandfather Nurgle this month, with many rotten and oozing creations on display.

Matt has now thrown his hat in, as he now has somewhere to paint ( House moves are a pain ! LOL) so we should expect some models soon.

Hopefully I should have something new and completed finished soon,  so until next time stay safe andhave fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 21 January 2021


 Some of you may remember during the Unit community challenge I built some flesh constructs to use as Grotesques in my Dark Eldar army, as GW had only made the one model. Well I finally got them cast, and have converted up the first 3 using parts from the plastic Talos made by GW.

The first one I used a sickle blade syringe arm and mask, then added a back spine attachment that are similar to what you see on the wracks.

The second one had the longer blade, robotic claw hand and mask.

The last one had the spare arm from the Grotesque kit, mask and chain hand from the Talos kit.

Each model had the arms slightly converted to fit the GW parts, and a couple of the helms needed additional pipes to get them to the body. I distressed the flesh around surgical areas using red glaze, and purple glaze, and anywhere that had a pipe going in had some green glaze as well. I now have above the minimum size for the squad, but would like to make up another 6 including an Aberration to take it to full size.

That's all for today, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 14 January 2021


 My children managed to find a couple of WOTC figures to add to my denizens of the cantina for Christmas. On the left is Cornelius Evazan who is the man responsible for the line above and saying it to Luke in the cantina,

On the right is Dannik Jerriko who was leaning against the bar at the entrance smoking. Both of these were simple repaints of the standard models.

Have finished the last unit of Demonettes as well, these are all mounted on steeds of Slaanesh and are referred to as Seekers. These are all 2nd edition models, and are standard models except the one with head plates on the steed which was a conversion.

Have also managed to finish the last 4 models needed for my Headhunter Kroot unit, the conversions were done back when I got the box last year, and I even started painting the, but then they got overlooked, so was good to get them finished, and an extra to my goal for the challenge.

Thought for the day, never name a child Will, they always aim for him first ! LOL

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave  

Sunday 10 January 2021


 Count Dooku in the movies appears to very much be a pawn in Palpatine's game, but in the Clone Wars series you see he as lofty aspirations to replace Palpatine as Sith Lord.

I've gone with the colour scheme from "The Attack of the Clones " movie, originally I'd planned the " Revenge of the Sith" colour scheme, but didn't check as I went along and made a couple of mistakes, and this was the quicker fix. Now I don't normally go as far as painting eyebrows, but as he has such distinct thick black ones, I thought I had better include them.

I've also finished the third Demonette squad, to help define this squad I've gone with all bald heads. As all the squads are painted in the same colour scheme, they could be easily combined together to make a single large squad.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Tuesday 5 January 2021


 For anyone who watched season 1 of the Mandolorian, they will probably remember the two scout bikers who stole the child, and showed what great shots Imperial troopers are !

For my scout bikers on Tatooine I decided to use the colour scheme from above rather than the classic Endor brown bike. The dusty dirt was achieved with a glaze of Reikland fleshshade so it was more subtle than the standard shade.

I've also completed my second unit of Deamonettes as part of my clearing process, the unit has an Icon and instrument of Chaos and to define it from the first squad I've used heads with either top knots or mohawks instead of the wild hair from the first unit.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Saturday 2 January 2021


 Recently Ann set a challenge on her blog to show the first model completed in 2021, as I do like to support others challenges, I accepted. The model is a plastic Librarian that I've painted up in the colours for my Night Hawks chapter, I'm not a massive fan of these cherubs but decided to include it anyway.

This model was a gift from my In-Laws this Christmas, along with several other 40K models which will get shown at a later date. I hadn't intended to paint this one just yet, but while waiting for washes to dry I got it assembled, and then added paint as and when I felt like it.

I wasn't sure what model would be the first completed of 2021, as there is so many different projects sat on my desk at the moment, it just happened to be this one.

As this model wasn't in the plan for my own challenge, I feel I need to add a clearing unit to my list, so will endeavour to paint up a squadron of speeders on top of my current list.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave