Wednesday 28 April 2021


 With MONSTER MAY(HEM) only 3 days away, I've been thinking about Dragons. Over the years I've built a few which I will show in the order they were created, with a question at the end.

First up is the South American Coatyl, this was the first dragon I ever sculpted, and was an exercise in showing what I could do while building up the business, it also happens to be my favourite Dragon.

This traditional style Dragon on ruined keep was a commissioned sculpt for Model Display Products, the balance on the model is such that he is only resting on the keep, no glue holding him on.

This was also a commissioned sculpt for Model Display Products, and depicts a Chinese Dragon, the gate has a dip in the roof as was normal in China, the straight topped ones were found in Japan.

The next Dragon is a Sea Dragon, really wanted to look at how a creature would adapt in certain surroundings, so had his wings evolve into a sail on his back, one day I would like to go back and add resin water effect over the base.

Next I tried pushing the boundaries on how few balance points I could get a model on, with the Fire Breathing Dragon. He only has two balance points and the arch holding up all his weight.

This next dragon was a request, the Zombie Dragon, this one was the most intense build, as I had to build it by layers, so all skeleton, then muscle in the places I required, and finally skin and scales to finish off.

I then decided to build an Oriental Dragon for myself, but wanted to break from the norm of lots of coiling. So I had him leaping from a summoning stone, with some undulation along the spine.

The last one I built for myself was the Wyvern, which I wanted in full flight, so the ruin wall has a brass bar running through it, to help support the weight, it had to be very well balanced to secure it from this one point.

I then built two dragon's for Heroes of the Dark Ages, now it is effectively the same dragon but with options, you can have it single headed or twin headed, walking or in flight, this involved a lot of making connection points standard between the two.

Now the question, I'm feeling the itch to build another dragon, but not sure what to do, have had a request for a Hydra, or could do a mutating dragon where the head is becoming two heads, really not sure so would love your input.

That's all for this post and we will now return to our normal broadcast, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday 23 April 2021



Now I'm not saying this group are good guys, they could be either, but they are all riding. Below are some individual shots of all seven. I've kept the colours similar to the on foot versions.

I've also got some new scenery painted up for the realm, that will still count for Ann's challenge as the crew member dropped them off over a year ago.

Plus I've finished the sixth member for the desperado's I showed last time, a Scorpid. This creature is evolving to a more human form , hence only 4 legs, and part of his body being upright. May just have him as the werewolf's pet, or I could give him sentience haven't decided yet.

These last pictures are for Ann's paint the crap you already own painting challenge as are all the pictures above, to make it easier for her to have all the pictures in one post, have grouped the different races together, so you didn't have to scroll through all the pictures I've already posted !

Next may be to do with Monster May(hem) or it might be some Star Wars, we'll have to see. So until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Sunday 18 April 2021


 A film title like above probably would be unacceptable in modern times, But I don't think the facially challenged has the same ring to it ! LOL

Have finished 5 of the gang members for the werewolf character I showed a little while ago 

First up is Snapshot Sal the female snake woman, and one of the quickest draws in the West. I've gone for a pale rattlesnake colour and markings, to add some different tones to the group, and added dark clothing as a contrast.

Next is Cry Baby Spike, so named for his self defence attribute where he can squirt blood from his eye to be able to escape, I've added a red teardrop just in front of his eye to show this.

Next up is Old Gill, hence he carries a shotgun as his sight isn't what it used to be. His white shirt was contrast paint over an off white base which gave a grubby feel, which I liked.

Next is Sharpshooter Rick, who is the crews marksmen, he doesn't like to get too close to the action.

Last today is Gator Hundee, prefers using his shotgun and blade, as his large hands struggle with the pistol, but will use if needed.

Here's a group shot to show all the different sizes of the crew and all will be available from the webstore by the end of the month. I am currently working on the last one for the group, as well as The seven mounted Orc's, and hope to have them all finished in time for Ann's paint the crap you already own painting challenge 

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Wednesday 14 April 2021


 I've managed to finish the last of the orc's on foot and all the dwarves now, leaving the mounted orc's and the six new characters I've made (but Dave you've only shown 5 ! Indeed the sixth will be a bit of a surprise).

First up is the last two Orc's on foot, the one on the left has a Mexican feel about him, so went with a simple townsmen colour scheme, the Orc on the right was made by Gary, utilising some parts from the previous sculpt's and then extra work from him.

These next two I see spending most of they're time in the Saloon, being a barmen and a saloon girl, so I wanted the bases to represent this, I was going to use some of the bases I produce with floorboard detail, but the models wouldn't come of the basic bases I'd glued them to, so in the end I painted the bases to look like floorboards.

Last today are the remaining Dwarves, with an assortment of cowboys and a Bandito on the right. One of the things we discussed when doing the dwarf sculpts is should they all have beards, as this is often how they're depicted, we decided to do a mix of different facial hair that fitted with the wild west theme, and the occasional long beard.

All of these count towards Ann's paint the crap you already own painting challenge

That's all for this post, expect more Weird Wild West to come, until May where I start on Monster May(hem) which if you haven't signed up yet follow the link, and join in.

So until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave