Friday 30 December 2022


 Since Rogue Trader the Clawed Fiend has developed, it was first called the Cthellean Cudbear and looked like the picture below.

Next it appeared in the 3 rd edition 40K and was called the Clawed Fiend of the Donorian sector, a model was never released so I built one, which my friend who liked Dark Eldar really liked so I gave it to him for his Birthday.

It then didn't appear again until the second edition codex, and when the model came out I wasn't enthralled, but preferred Jes Goodwins concept sketch instead, so I built one based on that, whic a customer spotted in my display cabinet at a show and bought it.

So after two attempts I still hadn't actually painted one, now I know I said I was going to do this for Monster May(hem) but once I finished sculpting it I just couldn't wait, I've changed the design on this one a bit, but I like the modifications, I've also included the greens below so you can see it was all scratchbuilt.

After finishing this one I realised what it now reminded me of, Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, just bigger and more angry looking ! LOL This is my first entry for the challenge, next could be more DE or mutants, or Star Wars, I will see what grabs my attention. So until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Tuesday 27 December 2022


 Back when I showed my sons Alien Newborn, I mentioned I had another distraction that I couldn't show until the recipient had received the gift, well as Christmas has been and gone I can now reveal the Succubus I converted and painted for my daughters partner. The original plan was I would do the conversion, then she would come up and paint the model, time moving house and other factors ment that in the end I ended up painting it as well. The colour choices and details were down to fan art of the online character they have, Have included one of these below so you can see the details I needed to include.

I'm pleased to say that I managed to get it finished in time for Christmas for them. Hopefully there wont be too many distractions this year ! LOL That's all for this post so until next time stay safe and have fun, and don't forget there is still plenty of time to join in on the painting challenge.

Cheers Dave   

Thursday 22 December 2022


 With Christmas almost upon us it's time again to set the end of year beginning of the next painting challenge. The start date will be 26/12/2022 and will run until the 28/02/2023. Now the reason I've gone back to this length is due to being asked as our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are in Summer, and it's easier for them to do scenery, as when the Season of Scenery challenge is running they are in the middle of Winter. So what counts, it all does ! You can do scenery, models, or vehicles whatever you like, you set the boundaries. It can also be old models or new models, models that are part painted, as this challenge is all about getting models finished. If you choose to do one model, no problem and don't judge yourself against what others are doing as it's all about beating your own target. Here's some models from last years challenge to inspire you.

If you are interested in taking part, just leave a comment below, you can set your target in the comment or leave it open. For myself I want to finish old projects, like my Dark Eldar and mutant unit, but also get back to my Star Wars project. That's all for now, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Sunday 18 December 2022


 Over the last couple of weeks, I've been busy building some more Frostgrave scenery for my client, this next one he wanted a two floor building with a couple of skulls, and some Ice Troll, or White Ape footprints, so here's the pictures.

Once I'd shown my client he asked for more snow on the floorboards, which wasn't a problem as I'd done minimal, as it would be easier to add more than remove it.

These next pictures are for Roger, as he wanted proof of my construction. Now if your into building models the reason for this would be to see how something is put together.

Next my client asked for another set of ruined walls, being of similar size to the first set, while doing them I've tried a few new things to see how far I can push the foam core, which will help when building different pieces in the future, I also added some snow leopard footprints and a rat.

Here are the construction pictures.

That's all for todays post, the next one will be for the "Paint What You Got Challenge", so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday 16 December 2022



First I'd like to wish all my followers, commenters, and visitors a very Merry Christmas. I know it's an old banner but my daughter has been very busy with a house move, so I didn't want to ask for a new one at this time.

Today I have the Beatmasters to show, this sub cult of the Wyches isn't finished as I still need to do some of the beasts, but will save them for Monster May(hem). First up is the Beastmaster that I finnished some time ago, and below her is a unit of Kyhmerae, the models were originally Warp Beasts, but GW changed the name and the model in the second edition codex, but I wasn't going to get rid of perfectly nice models.

Next I have the second Khymerae Beastmaster, I need to get a unit of beasts for this one, but finding the original models or a suitable replacement is proving difficult, so may end up having to sculpt 5 of them, have included a picture of a GW model below so you can see what they should look like.

The next two Beastmasters, are both going to have a Clawed Fiend as their beast, I will be making both of these, as I wasn't a fan of the GW one, and they are ridiculous prices in the second hand market.

The last Beastmaster is for the Razorwing flock, I've added a couple of feathers to her hair, and some small bird skulls to her skyboard.

Now Razorwings have been around since the time of Rogue Trader (1 st edition) as part of the Fauna list you could use, and a picture of them below.

In the 2 nd edition Dark Eldar codex you could have these as part of your beast packs, and GW eventually released these models.

By the time GW had released the models I'd already gone a different route, and used the birds from Skaw the falconer as my basis, as seen below.

In the rules you can have two stands per beastmaster, and there was a passage in the Codex that I thought would make an interesting piece.

A well trained Razorwing flock will parade their bloodslicked and skeletal prize around and above their masters before tearing it apart in one final, savage feeding frenzy.

With that passage in mind I created this stand.

That's all for this post today, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave