Wednesday 30 September 2020


 It is indeed party time for me as I have finished Ben's house, this includes all the exterior details of stacks and moisture vaporators that were missing. The moisture vaporator was purchased from Ebay, as the time it took to arrive allowed me to finish other bits.

Even though you won't actually see it, I painted the inside of the front wall, and did a very light colour on the roof

I also got the last of the interior pieces finished including the two chairs and chest ( this piece actually took longer than a figure to sculpt) and have included a couple more pictures of details that didn't show in the last set of pictures.

Here's the exterior reference picture to show what I was aiming for.

That's all for this post, I'm going to see what other trouble I can get in, pretty sure I have a floor plan for Jabba's Palace somewhere, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Saturday 26 September 2020


 This week has been mainly concentrating on the interior detail for Ben's House, other than a brief interlude where my body wouldn't allow play.

There is still some interior detail to finish including the chest Ben keeps Anakin's lightsabre in, the storage containers and a couple of chairs, but happy with the progress so far.

Here we can see the stuffed armadillo that I mentioned in a previous post along with a collection of other artefacts, plus one of the reference pictures I used to achieve this.

Really happy with how the stove turned out compared to the reference picture.

My wife's favourite part is the cloak !
Table for one

Above is more pictures of other details around the house, I had to use multiple different reference points including a 1:6 scale model of Obi Wan for the antique rifle and bino's.

Hopefully next time I will have completely finished the interior and the exterior, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 21 September 2020


 Adding to my characters for Jabba's Palace I needed three more Nikto's, as I'd already converted one of the WOTC figures sometime back.

Before we moved house last year I had picked up two more of WOTC Nikto figures, but wasn't really happy with the sculpts, and so they sat on my desk staring at me, until this recent Star Wars kick.

As you can see from the above sculpt it was seriously lacking in facial detail plus the outfit was all wrong.

After a bit of green he looked like this.

Finally we have the finished Vedain, if your not sure who he was it was the Nikto fighting Lando on the skiff.

The next model below also suffered with a lack of facial detail and the wrong outfit.

Below is the finished version of Lathe who was the Nikto on the second skiff, and you barely saw him. Yes I forgot to take a green stuff shot of this one !

 This last model actually started off as a spare Weequay I'd got.

Below is the finished version of Vizam, who was the Nikto firing the heavy cannon at the heroes on the skiff.

I've also got the basic colours on Ben's house done.

I've made the exterior slightly darker than the interior, as it appeared in the film. At this point I could call it finished, as it would be perfectly adequate as a scenery piece, but I'm going to start super detailing it, I've already started on the stuffed Armadillo.

That's all for this post so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave 

Friday 18 September 2020


 So inbetween working on the Mon Calamari I've made some progress on Ben's house. I now have all the texture done on the walls both inside and out, and have added the corner structure's which also help hold the front wall in place.

As you can see above the line where the front wall is separate, I might try and narrow that down further, and I also need to to do the edge on the roof so it blends into the wall better. The dome was made from two disks of foam glued together, then sanded to shape, and finally textured the same as the rest of the building.

I've used premixed wall filler to texture and fill small gaps on both the inside and exterior, and think it's very similar to the texture in the film, I've also added a thin skim on the base to give that some texture as well.

You may notice that some of the foam is still showing to add another layer of texture, next step will be to paint all of this before adding all the other details in, using a mix of plasticard and greenstuff.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Wednesday 16 September 2020


 The other day I was looking for an interesting A-Wing pilot and happened to find a Mon Calamari pilot nicknamed Si-Mon.

It turns out it was one of a group of pilots that were filmed for Return of the Jedi, but never used, you can see for yourself here youtube the nickname came from the actors name being Simon, which I thought was cool, even Palitoy must have liked it as they released a figure for it.

So based off the pictures I set about building one for myself, I actually remembered to photograph the model in green form for a change before covering it in paint.

I choose to keep the colours as close as I could to the film, with using the Palitoy version to cover the parts I couldn't see in the screen shots.

Now you may be wondering why I wanted to have an A-Wing pilot, I managed to find out that my wife is getting me the ship for my birthday, as she missed getting me the DS9 model, so disappointing in one respect but very cool  in another, and the new present will actually be useful gaming wise as well.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !