Saturday 25 September 2021


 Some of you may remember a little over 11 months ago, I started work on some Clone wars era figures, and managed to finish the two characters that came in the box, a squad of B1 battle droids and the droidekas, then after Christmas I got Dooku, and Bane finished and haven't really shown anything since. It hasn't that I haven't been working on them, just slowly working away, trying to get them finished inbetween other projects. Well I can now say, I have completed all the models I have for that era that I currently own in the last two weeks.

First up is the second unit of B1 battle droids, the only difference with this unit compared to the first, is I swapped the arms around to get some pose variation from the first unit.

Next is the B1 battle droid expansion which adds in some new weapons to what was already available.

My first unit of  MK 1 clone armour was done in the colours of the 212 th Legion, as the character that came with them was Obi Wan Kenobi.

The second unit I did as a group of Shineys, if your not familiar with this tern, it's what the troopers of each legion call the new clones when they arrive from Kamino, as their armour is shiney and new. The reason I did this is so they can bolster any legion I choose to field without looking out of place.

Next is the MK 1 armour expansion pack adding in some more weapons and character, I've gone for the 212 th legion colours again on these.

Next is the Barc speeder that came in the core box, again I've gone with the 212 th legion colours

Last today was a gift my wife got me earlier this year the LAAT gunship, first seen in episode 2 The Attack of the Clones. Ever since I first saw them I wanted a model of one, but the couple that did get released were really small, now wanting to game in this era, I really wanted one, and eventually found a 3D print, I've gone with the colour scheme from the film, and makes for a great addition.

Hopefully I can add some more soon, and would really like to find some separatist gunships, to balance the forces.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Wednesday 22 September 2021


 As promised, here is the round up of this years challenge, now you may have noticed the part 1 in the title, and that is due to Azazael still has to post up some entries, so I will do a part 2 when he has posted up the rest of his entries.

fantoricalwargaming Simon got some 15 mm scenery done for the challenge with these excellent blast craters, Corn stooks, and haystacks.

lostdamnedstunted Dai, started the challenge with an excellent Sherman tank, then followed up with a Genestealer statue, abandoned cars, a fantasy statue, water container, and Humvee.

wargaminggirl Tamsin has been the queen of the jungle this year with so many different bases, including Kunai grasses, bamboo areas, coconut palms, banana trees , and so much more. If your planning on doing some jungles I would strongly suggest checking out her posts, for some great techniques, and how to's.

rantingsfromunderthewargamestable Roger made some scratchbuilt scenery to start, with an excellent skull altar, then cleared some resin scatter scenery, and finished off with some MDF sci-fi terrain with his awesome slum district.

angrypiper Keith cleared the decks of a load of scatter scenery he'd been wanting to get done, including tyre stacks, barrels, gas tanks, crate & barrel piles, sci-fi crates, and food vending machines, which he had to freehand paint all the internal food.

pmpainting Matt started off with a new scenery project or two, but completed his cottage from last year first, then did an apocalyptic store, barricades, billboard, a fence, and a monster egg.

azazelx Azazel made use of the vehicle inclusion, during July, with finishing off an army doing some Shermans, and Valentine tanks, plus some gravestones, that just happen to have big bats on them, and I will post up the rest of his stuff in part 2

twitchybristles Mick did a great rendition of a WTW toxic pool.

saturdaymornings13 Ivor went old west for the challenge, and took some nice MDF buildings from okay to awesome, including a Sherriff's office with detailed interior, and livery stable.


justneedsvarnish John concentrated on his Paraguay wars scenery he wanted, including Chatas, fortifications and lookout tower, he also repainted a great Pagoda

markamorin Mark, completed his Aztec city scape, that included walkways, city flooring, reeds an lilly pads for the surrounding water, Cortez war wagons, and cornfields. Not ony was he doing all the above but started a 1:1 scale project, with new garage, and entertainment room.

imperialrebelork Luke, had hoped to do some of his Wild West buildings, but got stuck into his own 1:1 scale scenery, with his awesome new hobby shed, hopefully this means next year he'll have more time for smaller scenery ! LOL 

A huge thank you to all who took part, you are all the stars of this event, and it wouldn't be the same without you, hope you can all take part again next year, know Roger has already got something planned ! Also if the pictures above have wetted your appetites, they are even more pictures on their respective blogs.

So until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave