Monday 28 June 2021


 As forgotten-heroes-2021 draws to a close for another year, I have finished the last two cloud riders needed for the whole group.

First up is Callixido Ryss, apparently this character is human, with some details about him above.

As with all the others he is mostly made of green, but I used a spare weapon from my Legion parts to make the weapon, as I was feeling weaponed out at this point ! LOL

Painting wise was a pretty straight forward following of the colour scheme, shown in the reference picture.

Next we have Batcha Hunaris, who from the text above prefers smashing things with a blunt instrument to using a conventional weapon.

Simple green with a little bit of plastic rod, to make his blunt instrument.

Painting was just copying the reference again.

The final group shot of the group

All in all it has been my most productive Forgotten Heroes challenge, 15 models for Enfys and crew, Saw, and Moloch, giving a grand total of 17 models, I think next year I'll find a easier challenge with only 1 or 2 models needed ! But I can't guarantee that ! LOL

Until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 24 June 2021


 It's that time again to dust off those old scenery projects, and give them some attention for the second annual Season of Scenery challenge. Now I know last year it was called the Summer of Scenery, but I had forgotten that our brethren in the southern hemisphere would be in winter, hence the name change.

The same as last year all scenery is acceptable, whether it be a small scatter piece to a full on display piece, we will also include vehicles, as they can often be used as objectives or cover. It doesn't have to be a new piece, you can finish off a piece that you started long ago, as long as it is completed between the dates of the 1 st of July 2021 and the closing date of  31 st of August 2021, that's right a whole two months to get it done.

Here are some of the fantastic entries we had last year :

Azazel managed to do enough scenery to fill a gaming board, amazing quantity and quality

Michael did a stunning vehicle, for gaming in the Delta.

Harry finished off his scratch built windmill, what a centre piece.

Keith completed a truly toxic looking pumping station.

Roger scratch built a very dangerous looking pond for the Apocalypse

Dai, did a lot of MDF scenery, one of which is this excellent landing pad

John was very creative with his graveyard, and has removable piece to allow troop placement ( that's what you call serious planning)
There were many other fantastic pieces to see, and can be found in the Season of Scenery section on the right in labels.

If your interested in taking part, leave a comment below, and if your blog is one I don't follow please leave a link in your comment. You can also contact me through if you don't have an account that allows you to comment on Blogger. So let the creativity commence.

Until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 21 June 2021


 We're now in the last 9 days of forgotten-heroes-2021 and I'm hoping to complete all of Enfys Nest Cloud Riders, and with the 5 I have to show today, it should be doable as I only have 2 left to do.

First today is Gelan Yees, I don't have much information on this one other than his species is Sabat. He is a bit shorter than the rest but not as short as Weazel.

The model was made mostly with greenstuff, but used some plastic rod, plasticard and  paper clips on the weapons.

Painting I utilised the glaze as a filter again.

Next we have Chussido, who is a Rodian.

When I sculpted this one I left the helmet off for several reasons, first I got to sculpt a Rodian head, second I got to paint one that wasn't green, and thirdly I thought his Burlap sack hood was awful !.

Painting was fun on this especially the face.

Next is Pruno Jant, apparently he is human.

Sculpting was the same as the others.

Painting I used a lot of washes to get the dirty look of the reference picture.

Next up is Faddera Rabar, the only thing I know about this one is the species Dyplotid.

Sculpting was the same process as above, with a bit of plasticard to help make the vanes of his helmet.

Painting was simple enough, and used a couple of washes to give the overall grimy look.

Last up today, is Regineer Teed, which I have no information on.

No helmet on this one as I couldn't find a suitable reference picture, and in the movie, you see him for all of two seconds, and he's out of focus.

painting wise was pretty straight forward, although I did use some blue glaze for his face markings.

Here is a group shot so far, my next post will be on the Season of Scenery challenge, so you're all ready for the start of July, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave