Saturday 29 August 2020


 Was a bit worried I wouldn't get this finished before the end of August so pulled a late one last night to get it finished, didn't completely work as had to do some last minute touches today.

I've left the hawk symbol removable for ease of storage, and used a couple of the companies defensive wall straights to add cover for marines on the upper level. The doors ended up being a lesson in don't paint large areas in blistering heat, it will look rough ! LOL

Added a walkway for gaining access to the hawk for maintenance and firing the weapons, decided not to put a ladder there instead having a drop down one when you open the hatch. I put the chapter motto over the door to add more character.

The hatch was a spare part from one of the flyers I have, with added hinges and latch made from greenstuff.

The banners were made from plasticard and greenstuff 

This side I added in a servitor scribe leaving it's cradle to add a new name to the banner.

I would like to add some more bits to this at a later point, like spiral staircases up to the walkway, and top level, and the rockface to go behind the hawk, the possibilities are endless, just not the space !

Next week I aim to do the round up from the community giving everyone a couple of days grace to get their posts up, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Wednesday 26 August 2020


 I have finished one last piece to enter into the Jewel of July 2020 challenge the captain for the second company of my Night Hawks chapter the Screaming Eagles, I thought it would be more characterful that each company had their own name, this one is based on the noise the jet cycles make when diving in for a hit and run attack.

The model comes from the Dark Angel range, and is one of their many special characters, The only modification I've made on this model is to change the symbols to ones fiting to my chapter.

The rest of he pictures to follow are all the other entries which I've already shown, just makes it easier for Azazel when he does his roundup to find them all in one place.

Hopefully got one more scenery challenge post to put up before the end of the month for myself, and aiming to have the round up from all the participants done within a week from the closing date to allow people time to get their posts up and to also allow for the time differential.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Sunday 23 August 2020


 Been feeling a bit burnt out, trying to do too much again, what with challenges, working on my Kroot and Night Hawks while working on some new pieces for the business, also not helped by constantly running out of materials, I decided to take a day away from all my current projects and just paint a model for fun, no agenda, no deadline, no rush, just enjoy the fun of painting. So I grabbed a Dark Eldar Scourge off the shelve that had been undercoated black and settled down for a quiet day

Was happy with the result and even enjoyed painting green which is my least favourite colour to paint, yes I still have 9 more to finish for the squad, but the point of the exercise was just to enjoy it, almost like a pallet cleanse, hopefully now I can finish the last two pieces for challenges, before carrying on with other projects, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave 

Wednesday 19 August 2020


 This new model for my Star Wars project was a complete scratch build, as I couldn't find a model of Ventris in bounty hunter form.

So who is Ventris ? During the Clone Wars, she started as part of the Night Sisters (females of the same race as Darth Maul) who became an apprentice to Count Dooku, until betrayed by her master, and returned to the Night Sisters to find a way to destroy Dooku, the plan failed and the sisters were destroyed, she ended up becoming a bounty hunter towards the end of the war and even helped Ahsoka Tano. So I thought she would be a cool addition to the time period I'm intending to play.

This model should count towards my Jewel of July contributions, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday 14 August 2020


 With the heat this week I haven't managed to finish the gatehouse, as paint was drying way too fast, but have made some progress. On the cooler evenings I did however manage to paint my Princess Leia figure, this was a impulse buy recently after Roger had posed the question of what model would we most like. Yes I could have probably sculpted one, but this seemed an easier win just to repaint the Wizards of the Coast version.

I have to say she is a very small model, but will do as a representation for my gaming. Short post today as the weather has turned I want to try and finish the gatehouse, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Saturday 8 August 2020


Door that is ! LOL been busy working on the front entrance for my chapters monastery  and here is where I've got so far.

When I started this I had no real plan, it kind of evolved as I made it, but one thing I knew it needed to have was some more defence capabilities, so I added two sets of heavy bolters to help against troops, as the lascannons on the hawk would be better suited against vehicles and individual targets.

 I've always wanted to have a go at stained glass windows and thought this was the perfect project.

Still got the top to finish to fit the hawk, and some internal details to finish off, so hopefully I can have it all finished by next week, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Saturday 1 August 2020


Carrying on with entries for the Jewel of July I have dug out my large scale Klingon Bird of Prey model, it has been sat for about 15 years now, sprayed in a base coat of camo green and then left unattended until now

I started by giving it a complete wash of Biel-Tan green, then drybrushed Elysian green all over, once dry I used a mix of Reikland fleshwash, Nuln oil, and AK dark rust deposit, to give an overall weathered effect. Pleased with the overall effect, just need to find the little clear plastic piece to put in the torpedo launcher, that may take some time ! LOL so I shall call this one done, until I can decide what base to do for it.
That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun ! 
Cheers Dave