Friday, 7 October 2022


 After a week of new distractions arriving I actually have my first Zombie finished, this is one of the Zombicide mini's from Bryan Scott's collection that Joe (Zabadak) distributed amongst the community. When I first saw the model it reminded me of a zombie from the remake of "Dawn of the Dead", as zombies go she wasn't in it long, but was the first clue for the survivors that if you got bit by a zombie, you would become one yourself. The model required a small bit of conversion mostly the hair and removing the handbag.

Below is the reference picture from the movie, and below that what the model looks like before conversion.

I've kept the blood to a minimum, other than the bite and around the nose and mouth like the reference picture, was a fun one to do, that's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday, 3 October 2022


 So it's the start of the challenge Zomtober/Apocalypse Me and I got distracted finishing another piece for my Dark Eldar army. I was taking stock of what was left to do, and realised I needed one model to finish the Court of the Archon. Rather than another one of the three I already had I decided to add a Sslyth, this is what 40K has to say about them :

The Sslyth are a sentient xenos race of reptilian creatures with a snake-like lower body and vaguely humanoid torso, though they sport multiple arms and a head more serpentine than human.

As true Drukhari make rather dubious bodyguards due to their treacherous nature, instead, Archons employ these more reliable alien mercenaries.

Of all the species to haunt Commorragh's satellite realms, most Dark Eldar Archons have found the Sslyth to be the most reliable -- and survivable -- bodyguard species available for hire.

These four-armed, serpentine monstrosities hail from a world long lost to the caress of She Who Thirsts, yet their short-sighted and self-indulgent nature makes them safe enough for the Drukhari to exploit.

All but inured to physical pain, and happy to be paid in slaves and sensory gratification, these alien warriors make excellent, if dull-witted bodyguards. (I remembered Matt ! LOL)

Now GW did produce a model for this but it is no longer available, you can find them on Ebay, but they've gone up a lot in price, but I hadn't bought one when they were available for two reasons 1 it's produced in Finecast, which I'm not a fan of, and 2 I didn't like how the second set of arms were so close to the first set, which would make it hard for the creature to move both sets of arms ! So I decided Friday night I would build my own, and below is what I came up with, I've also included a picture of GW's for reference.

Now I've got this distraction out of the way, I really need to get on with my challenge entries, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday, 30 September 2022


 In this post I'm going to show how far I've got on my Kabal element of my Dark Eldar army, now some are what I already had, with maybe the odd update, and the rest is what I've got finished recently to try and complete this army. So where to start, well let's start at the beginning, these first two units were done for my tournament army, and their Raider transports, both transports have had an update with the Kabal symbol added to the prow, the Kabal of the Bloodied Claw. The second squad had heads from the Maiden Guard to help differentiate the two squads.

Here is the Ravager that was part of the Tournament list, which I also added the symbol to thgis week.

Next up is the Incubi, these were also done for the tournament, the Raider has also had the symbol added to it, the trophies on the back of the raider is a record of the opponents that this army has beaten, it looked a bit weird when I started this army, being a lot of empty sticks, but is a bit more interesting now.

Last bit from the tournament, is the Archon, I'd still like to find a way of sculpting a shadow field, which can be removed once it's gone down during a game.

Now we move onto what I've managed to finish this week, this first warriors squad was made using Dark Elf Warriors from the fantasy range to add more variation to my squads, and I also did the same for the crew of the raider, which I also finished this week.

Last today, is the current Dark Eldar warriors box, out of all the latest kits, this is my favourite, and enjoyed painting them, even though they have loads of extra details. I can't say the same about the new style Raider, as they have even less area than the original for troops to be on, instead now, they are supposed to hook themselves to the outside edges and hang on.

So I still have a few bits left to finish for this army, including 3 vehicles, and a unit of Trueborn, which are elite Kabalites, plus there is some squads for the Wych army to finish as well, but these will now have to wait as tomorrow see's the start of the latest challenge. Now I can't find ayone running Zomtober at the moment, so I will take that on board as well as Apocalypse Me, so you still have time to sign up. That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday, 26 September 2022


 With a Dark Eldar army, there is 3 main sections, the Kabal, the Wyches, and the flesh army. The Kabal has a splinter faction the Scourges (was part of the Kabal in the first codex), the Wyches have 3 splinter factions, the Hellion Skyboarders, Reaver Jetbikers, and the Beastmen ( all counted just as Wyches in the first codex), while the flesh cult has no splinter factions ( had very limited options in the first codex). So coming up with a colour scheme that ties it all together could be quite tricky, especially if you want them to tie together as well. So I went with 3 main colours bone, red and dark green, and depending on which faction had a different dominating colour.

As you can see above they all look different to each other, but use similar palettes, to tie them together. I'm currently working through the Kabal squads that need finishing, and hoping to get as much as I can finished before I start work on challenge models in October, but I have got the start of a Court of the Archon done, it used to be that you stuck your Archon into a unit of Incubi, but by codex 2 you could take a very eclectic group to guard your leader instead. First up is a Medusae, this is a Finecast model produced by GW, and suffered with a lot of holes in the model, this is what 40K has to say about them :

Medusae are strange creatures of the Webway that often find themselves as servants within an Archon's court and are quite sought after by the denizens of the Dark City of Commorragh.[1]

Medusae are known to be highly empathic parasites that appear as a collection of brains and spinal cords that are stacked on top of one another. These creatures seemingly float across the ether like jellyfish where they feed on the dreams, as well as nightmares, of sentient beings. They can also latch upon a living host, allowing them to feed upon the emotions of their host directly and through this process, provide the power they require to manifest in realspace, thus becoming hybrid creatures of both the material world and the Immaterium.[1]

In combat, their empathic abilities are weaponised: a simple gaze from a Medusae can lead to instant emotional hemorrhaging by exposing their victims to raw anguish, potentially putting them into a coma from which there is no recovery. In addition, they are also able to absorb extreme sensations, which are highly prized in Dark Eldar society. The brain fruit of the Medusae are capable of being consumed and allow an individual to re-experience the vivid and anarchic emotions of a raid all over again.[1]

Next we have a Lhamaean, this is what 40K has to say :

Lhamaeans are courtesans that frequently are seen among an Archon's Kabal and are one of the most desired in a Dark Eldar Lord's Retinue.[1]

These women are members of the mysterious sisterhood of Lhilitu who are well known for being extremely imaginative lovers and are skilled poisoners who know no equal to their art. They are believed to be descended from the original Cult of Lhamea who in turn drew much of their knowledge from Shaimesh, the Father of Poisons. As a result, their skills in the art of poison craft mean that an Archon with a Lhamaean in their court benefits from a steady stream of virulent toxins that they willingly share with their lord before a raid into realspace. Such is their reputation that it is said that a kiss from a Lhamaean into the air is capable of killing beings within seconds.[1]

In battle, Lhamaean wield Shaimeshi Blades which can cause their enemies to die in nonporous agony with a single scratch.[3]

A quote I read in the codex inspired this conversion, as it said that even a kiss blown upon the wind by a Lhamaean can kill in seconds

Last today I have an Ur-Ghul, this is a model I sculpted before GW released a model, and then it's just sat until now, this is what 40K has to say about them :

Ur-Ghuls (Ghala Troglodytes)[3] are a Xenos species that are native to the labyrinth ziggurats of the Dark Eldar city of Shaa-dom.

Their nature means that they are one of the many atavistic beings that can be recruited by an Archon for his court. These creatures are noted for being the most hideous of all the creatures that a Dark Eldar Archon can summon. Being sightless, yet quite agile, their tracking abilities are quite renowned and once a prey has been caught by the beast's quivering scent-pits, it is known that nothing is able to escape these whip-thin horrors. Ur-Ghuls are also known to inhabit Blackstone Fortresses.[3]

Ur-Ghul migrations are periodically purged by the Deathwatch, most notably one led by the Dreadnought Xenomortis on Plenitia.[2

That's all for today, hopefully I can get some more finished this week, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday, 23 September 2022


It's time again for another challenge, and this one is all about an Apocalypse, now the meaning of Apocalypse is :

an event involving destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale.
"the apocalypse of World War II"

So this could be WW2 as mentioned above, or a Zombie Apocalypse ( which means if your taking part in Zomtober, you get two for one) it could be an Alien Invasion, or even Post Apocalyptic, like Mad Max, Judge Dredd, or Fallout.

So what models can you include, single figures, vehicles, and scenery as well, as long as it fits with your chosen Apocalypse, it can be part painted models that just need finishing, or completely from scratch, as it's all about getting models finished. Here are some examples from last years challenge.

If your feeling really adventurous, you could convert a model to represent yourself in your chosen setting, like the model I did of myself at the top, or the one Guru Pig did below ( Still think he's going to get hot in that clown suit ! LOL)

The start date is the 1 st of October, and will run to the end of October

If you'd like to take part, just let me know in the comments below, and if your blog isn't one I normally comment on, please leave a link, so I can find you easily. I hear some zombies calling my name for this challenge, or at least they will after their elocution lessens, as they tend to just groan at the moment, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave 

Tuesday, 20 September 2022


 Lady Vickatrix the Succubus of the Wych cult of the Crimson Veil, stood watching the new recruits being put through their paces by the newest Hekatrix, she was being particularly hard, and had already maimed two, and killed a third, there was no room for weakness after all ! She took a sip of the rejuvenating fluid, to help heal her new face, she would have her revenge on that She Bitch Lilith, before she drew her last breath.

An adjutant ran into her observation box.

"Mistress the armourer has arrived, and requests an audience with you"

"He better have what I ordered, if he likes breathing !"

Vickatrix entered her throne room, where the armourer bowed deeply before her.

" Do you have what I ordered ? "

"Actually I bring something new, which is all the rage with the other cults, Even Lil . ."

" Choose your next words carefully before I dispatch you with my bare hands!"

"I meant no disrespect, just highlighting how the other cults are enamoured with the latest design I have"

" I have no respect for any of those curs, as they pollute the purity of their cults allowing males to join, so hurry up and show me what you've brought, before I tire of your prattle !"

"As you can see, I've increased the area that is covered in armour to increase protection."

" Extra armour is no substitute for skill, you buffoon, GUARDS, take this wretch from my sight and feed him to the menagerie !"

" Please wait mistress, accept this as my gift to you, and I will bring what you ordered later today, free of charge"

"Very well, but you fail me again, and I will throw you in the arena, and let my bloodbrides, have their way with you!" 

"I won't"

" Give this new armour to the new recruits, they may last a little longer, until their skills develop"

So why the short story, well I wanted a reason for the different styles of armour in my Wych army, and all will become clear as I show you the different units. This first unit was originally part of my tournament army, but I've had to change a few models, as the second addition codex, removed the option of taking a blaster, it also changed the number of specialised Wych weapons in a unit from 3 to 2, and then changed Hydra Knives to Hydra Gauntlets, and a Falchion and razor snare, to Chain Flails, the Shardnet and Impaler stayed the same. I also added a new Hekatrix (Squad leader) as the original model would be better in a different unit.

Below is the raider for this unit, and has converted models for the crew.

This next unit was all converted from Witch Elf models, as there was very few models that were female for the Dark Eldar Wyches.

And below is this units raider, also with converted crew.

Now we get to GW's plastic Wyches, as you can see, they have a lot more armour than the original models, now I could have gone down the GW route, and replace my squads with new models, but after so much work, converting and painting, I thought a short story was better ! LOL

I still need to do a raider for these models, and may do a new style one, as fitting the new style models.

This last squad is my Hekatrix Bloodbrides, these are an elite unit of Wyches, and can have three specialised Wych weapons, instead of the normal two, the models are all converted from the original Mandrake models, which I've included a picture below to show what they started as. The bloodbrides, according to the codex, smear the blood of their victims over themselves, to strike fear into others. I still need to finish their Raider.

Next is my converted Succubus Vickatrix, the model started off as Jain Zar from the Eldar range, she has no markings on her as she doesn't like to cover her beauty, plus as she's in charge who is going to argue with her ! LOL

Last today is my Venom, which will be the ride for my Succubus, I still need to do four blood brides as a retinue for her.

Bit of a long winded post today, but may highlight why my posting has been a bit small recently ! LOL That's all for now, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave