Sunday 28 August 2022


 This last piece of scenery for this years challenge has been sat in my collection for well over 10 years, I got it as I had a Chaos army in both Fantasy and 40K and thought it would be good for some scenarios. After I'd stuck it together, it then proceeded to sit and collect dust. Why ? you may ask, well there was several elements that didn't make sense to me, first was the very shallow rock detail, this was going to take extra work to get it right, and then we have the large skulls, that on the back have rough stone texture, and the front is super smooth, so it sat abandoned, until now. The stone work took some really careful drybrushing to get the texture to show up , and then I decided to make the front of the skulls a different type of rock, to show it was two halves, and went with black onyx, I could have gone with marble, but felt I had done enough of that this year already.

The bottom picture shows a sorcerer for scale, it is a large piece, and glad to finally have it finished ! I should have gone Roger's route and built my own, but laziness got the better of me. That's all for this post, so until next time, stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave 

Thursday 25 August 2022


 A long time ago when my friend Mike Harding wrote the background for my Night Hawks chapter, he said that it would be cool to take an Inquisitor with them, as the Inquisition would be investigating  my chapter, as they were founded during the Dark Founding. Now you may be asking what the Dark Founding is ? All records of the chapters that were formed in this founding were expunged from the records, due to the fact that 80 % of them turned to Chaos, and the other 20 % were lost to the warp, which is where my chapter comes in, lost out in the Eastern Fringes, they continued to do the Emperor's work, while trying to find a way back to the Imperium. Many years later they got half way back, to the Imperium's border, and were then later discovered by an exploratory force, trying to map the Eastern Fringes. Their presence was reported to the Imperium, who promptly dispatched a Inquisitor to check their loyalty, and for Chaos taint. This would be where having an Inquisitor model, would come in handy. At the time Mike wrote this, there was only the old Rogue Trader models available, which I wasn't a huge fan of at the time. so when this model came out I quickly picked one up, and then it has sat in it's blister pack until this week. The model has an old witch finder vibe to it, so I  went for a limited set of colours.

As models go, it's not the best, so I was always looking out for a better one, and I picked this next one up as part of a Warhammer Monthly vignette, which came with a scenic base and Ephrael Stern Sisters of Battle model. The base got used on one of my Chaos flyer models, as the metal weight, helped balance the weight of the flyer, and the Stern model got given to a friend at the time who had his Sisters army stolen. I like this model a lot more and think the power armour fits with the Space Marines a lot better. I went for grey armour, to make him stand out from all the different marine colours I have. 

Now both of the models above have been sat around unfinished for over 15 years, so I thought I would also get a new model painted as well, this model was a gift from my eldest daughter, as a thank you for her recent wedding, and is Governor Pryce from Star Wars Rebels, for those who don't know this character, here is what Wookiepedia says :

Arihnda Pryce was a human female who held the rank of Moff and served as the Governor of the Lothal sector under the Galactic Empire. Deceitful and opportunistic, Pryce rose to political power and gained the position of Planetary Governor through underhanded tactics and power plays. Under Pryce's governorshipLothal became a center for Imperial expansion and industrialization. Pryce's Imperialization of Lothal gave rise to a small rebellion on the planet, and her subsequent failures to foil this uprising gave way to a larger rebellion against the Empire. Pryce's destructive tendencies would be her undoing, and after a series of desperate attempts to defeat the rebels, she was killed when they successfully liberated Lothal from her grip.

Born and raised on Lothal, Arihnda Pryce was the heir and manager of her family's local mining business, Pryce Mining. After selling the company to the Galactic Empire, she began serving as an aide to Lothal Senator Domus Renking and became involved with the political elite of Coruscant, while her parents relocated to Batonn. She was dismissed from her position, however, when she became entangled in a plot between Renking and Moff Ghadi. Working for a citizen assistance office shortly after, she joined the Higher Skies Advocacy Group. During this time, she allied with key figures such as Governor Wilhuff Tarkin and a rising Navy officerThrawn, and began plotting to make her bid for power. In a series of betrayals and deceptions, Pryce engineered the downfalls of Moff Ghadi, her friends at Higher Skies, Lothal Governer Ryder Azadi, and Senator Renking. Using her power as leverage, she petitioned and was appointed the Governorship of Lothal, taking Azadi's place.

As Governor of Lothal, Pryce presided over the expansion of the Empire's presence on Lothal, which became a major Imperial base in the Outer Rim Territories. Shortly after Pryce assumed the title, the nearby system of Batonn came under insurgent threat. Under the pretense of gathering intelligence, Pryce traveled to the planet to rescue her parents. Pryce murdered ISB Agent Gudry while trying to flee with her parents, and, to conceal her role in his murder, she detonated a mining facilitydestroying the insurgent forces and resulting in heavy civilian casualties. After escaping suspicion, she returned to Lothal to deal with the planet's growing rebellion, led by the Phoenix Cell. To help combat the rebels, Governor Pryce solicited Grand Admiral Thrawn to help ferret out and destroy them.

Pryce joined Thrawn and ISB Agent Kallus in combating the rebel presence in the Lothal sector. During the course of the insurgency, she worked to root out dissent on Lothal, took part in an unsuccessful hunt for rebel leader Mon Mothma, and participated in the Battle of Atollon, where Thrawn laid siege to Phoenix Cell's base. As the small rebellion grew into the Alliance to Restore the Republic and entered war with the Empire, Lothal was strip-mined and industrialized further under Pryce. The rebel cell originating from Lothal, the Spectres, returned to Lothal to free the planet from Pryce and the Empire. After defending against a rebel attack, Pryce destroyed the Lothal City fuel depot, killing rebel leader Kanan Jarrus but falling out of favor with Thrawn, whose projects relied on the planet's resources. Terrified of what her punishment would be, Pryce mounted a desperate attack on the Lothal resistance's base. Her attack failed, however, and she was taken captive. Pryce was killed during the final battle between the rebellion and Thrawn's forces, remaining loyal to the Empire until the end.

I've kept the colours as close as I can to the reference material which I have pictured below.

Was pleased with the result of this model, so that's all for this post, hoping to get one more piece of scenery before the end of the challenge finished, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 22 August 2022


 Rather than moving on to a new piece of scenery, I wanted to get a bit more done to the Imperial Chapel for my Night Hawks, and decided to get the groundworks in. If I had the complete Fortress, this piece would be high up the mountain, to raise themselves up to the God Emperor, Which is why I've based it on a rock plateau, as if they opened up the mountain and built the chapel there. The whole piece was built with builders foam, including the extra wall sections. On the inside I added some lights that came with the kit, and some metal bracing with plasticard, to keep the aesthetic going that was on the GW walls, I didn't include as many rivets, as they did as it was on rock face, and wouldn't need as many fixing points.

Eventually I'd like to make a roof for this as well, but that will have to be a project for another time, that's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 18 August 2022


 I have now finished the last of the Kroot force that I need, until the new Kroot models are released, with these 3 vulture kindred done, it also clears a bit more space on my desk, which is always a good thing. The wings on these models were all sculpted by me, then painted in my usual colour scheme.

While trying to clear my desk, I've also painted up this Techmarine with servo harness, for my Night Hawks chapter. No conversion on this model, just painting in my regular colour scheme, which has the chest painted in normal Night Hawks colours, and the rest in standard Tech colours, this is to show they are part of their chapter at the core, even if they have dedicated themselves to a certain path.

I've also done a repaint, of this old Techmarine which was converted from an Iron Priest of the Space Wolves chapter.

I'd still like to finish a couple more armies this year which was a personal goal of mine, to finish as many armies as possible this year, so far I've got the Emperor's Children finished, the Demon army done, and I only need to paint 30 mutants, to finish my Lost and the Damned list. That's all for this post, next time I'll hopefully have some more scenery to show, so until then stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 11 August 2022


 I don't know about anyone else, but this heat is seriously slowing up my painting ! While I've been working on my next level of scenery, I've also been chipping away at getting some of my Kroot force finished, first up today is the second of the Great Knarloc's that I have sculpted, now the crossbow that Forgeworld did was fun, but I fancied a weapon with a bit more firepower so I came up with the Quad Gun, effectively 4 larger versions of the Kroot Gun you normally see on a Krootox.

and here it is with it's two cousins, making this unit complete. Talking of complete I also managed to finish 3 more Knarloc riders.

Here they are with the other two I previously completed, I did change the base from the first one I finished to get rid of the rod, and have something a little more scenic instead.

I've also got 6 Kroot finished to go in my Krotox herd.

The last 4 for this unit will have to wait, as GW have announced some new Kroot models, and there are 4 in the set with hunting rifles that will fill this unit, here is a sample of what they are releasing.

So why am I waiting for these, well they are being released as part of a Kill Team boxset called into the dark. I've looked at the rest of the contents, and decided I'll wait until they release the Kroot on their own, but want to include them in my army. So far there is only one Kroot model I don't have which is this shaper.

For some reason I've never seen it available to buy, which means it's one I'll never have.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday 5 August 2022


 Managed to get another vehicle finished for the SOS challenge, and this time it's the Blade Wing Prototype. The first time this vehicle was seen was the film " Return of the Jedi" back then it was referred to as the B-Wing, and was part of the rebel armada that destroyed the second Death Star. The next time it was seen was in the series "Star Wars Rebels" where we got to see the prototype version on it's maiden voyage piloted by Hera Syndulla.

I went for the prototype colour scheme for several reasons, the model was based on that version, and I got to paint a ship in something other than grey or white, I've left off my normal weathering, as it's a ship that hasn't seen much action. Below is the reference picture of the Prototype, and below that is the original version seen in ROTJ.

We have now passed the half way point on the challenge, and there has been some outstanding entries already, we still have almost four weeks left, so you still have time if you want to join in. So that's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 1 August 2022


 When building and painting GW buildings it feels a bit like working through a level on a computer game, the basic structure and painting feel like the level your working on, and then to finish it you have to defeat the big boss at the end, which would be all the finishing details required.

Well I've completed the level on this building, and now need to take on the big boss at the end.

As you can see from the pictures, I've gone for a light weathering, as the building is intact, I've also gone for a state of opulence, as I will be using the building as my chapters Chapel, I've added windows using acetate, I would have liked to do it in yellow, like I did for the gatehouse, but all I had was the frosted one. Next I need to build a base, and at some point a roof for the building, and maybe a pulpit to go inside.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave