Monday 31 January 2022


 Recently Frank from nickelandimeproductions offered to send me some Star Wars figures he had, as he thought I would get more use out of them. On Friday a parcel arrived, and Frank had sent me the contents of Imperial Assault core box, this included 9 stormtroopers, 3 Imperial officers, 4 Emperor's guard, AT-ST, Darth Vader, 4 Trandoshan hunters, and 7 rebel fighters. This was extremely generous of Frank, which I am eternally grateful for.

Not to leave a gift sitting around I've already painted the two scout troopers with E-Webb cannons painted using my latest recipe, in the picture below the model on the right was my original way of painting them, which really needs to be updated now.

I also did a test stormtrooper, in a clean look which is the model on the right below, and shows how much I need to update the rest of my stormtroopers ! LOL

I've also done a test Snowtrooper, from the Return to Hoth boxset, now before you send the guys with the jacket that does up at the back, I have no intention of doing a full army for both sides on Hoth, not until I've actually finished some of my other Star Wars projects.

I also painted the Imperial tank that came in the boxset, as this has never appeared in a film or series, I went with colours that I thought suited it.

Last up today is K2 SO, this was one of my favourite characters in Rogue One, I was disappointed with the sculpt, as a lot of the finer details were missing, so tried to make up for it with the painting.

That's all for today, tomorrow see's the start of Fembruary, and I'm hoping to do a post each week for the challenge, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave 

Friday 28 January 2022


 Well not me personally, as I didn't start painting RPG or wargaming figures until I was 11, but Cassian Andor, one of the main characters from Rogue One. The model comes with 3 sets of arm options, and I went for the sniper rifle, the only drawback on this is the weapon ends up across his face, small price for a cool weapon I suppose ! LOL

Next up is a Rebel officer, this is a rescaled version of one of the characters FFG did in Imperial assault, so I kept with the same colour scheme. He comes as part of the Rebel Specialist box set for Legion.

Next is a model from the Imperial Specialist box set FX-6 medical droid, I've based my colours on the one seen rebuilding Anakin Skywalker, into Darth Vader.

Both the specialist box sets, come with a astomech, the Rebels has an R5, and the Imperial has an R4, now many of you will know I've already painted lots of these droids over the years, so what to do with these 2 ? Then I remembered D-Squad from the clone wars cartoon, so here is the start of the squad U9-C4

And his buddy M5BZ 

When I get the crashed escape pod, I'll add the two R2 units, then just need a WAC droid, and the colonel, and IU'll have the full D-Squad for use in my clone wars gaming.

I've also been working on making one of my pit monsters to make it look more like a Sarlaac, so far I've updated the tongue and beak, just need to add more tentacles, and it should be perfect.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun ! 

Cheers Dave

Monday 24 January 2022


 As with many statements in Star Wars, it all depends from your point of view, and the title was Anakin's after the death of his mother, but recent series like the Mandolorian, and the book of Boba Fett has shown a very different side to the Tusken Raiders, or Sand People. 

Sarah recently got me this set of 3D prints, which included four raiders, and two Mastiffs, which will certainly help bolster, my Tusken group.

Above is an individual shot of each model, the quality of the prints was excellent, and the diversity of poses adds a lot of character to the models.

Here is a group shot of them all, I've kept with the traditional colour scheme, as it ties in with the models I've already painted, would still like to add some more to the group, so will keep my eye out for more prints, or sculpt some myself.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday 21 January 2022


 The diversity that Fantasy Flight Games has included in the rebel box sets has been great, with not only female models but aliens as well, which adds to the interest in each box for me.

The first model comes from the Imperial Assault box Return to Hoth, and is a Mon Calamari sniper, I've gone with a colour scheme that replicates the artwork, the only bit I've really changed is the face colouring, and gone with one from a episode of the Mandolorian.

Next is a Ithorian, I've done his skin similar to the mayor seen in the book of Boba Fett recently, rather than the normal browns you see.

This next one is a Ishi Tib, you may have briefly seen these creatures in Jabba's Palace, but they have appeared in other films and series.

This one is a Gran, now the first one you will have seen was also in Jabba's Palace, but have been used in multiple films and series since.

The last alien I have today, is a Duro's these were first seen in the cantina on Tatooine, but have appeared in many places since.

Last up today, are 4 human rebel's that came from the various sets that the alien models did. I've gone for similar colours to the Pathfinder models I've already done, which will tie them in well, as I didn't think the normal green camo, would look very good on the deserts of Tatooine that you usually see the models painted in.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 17 January 2022


 Thankfully not this week, just a couple of medical droids, the first one came in the Imperial Assault set Return to Hoth, I found the models in this set to be on the smaller side of the scale from Fantasy Flight Games, but I'm sure I'll end up using the models anyrate. The character is listed as MHD-19 and I went with the FFG colour scheme for it.

The next one came in the Legion scale box of Rebel Specialists, and I went with the classic colour scheme of 21-B  as seen in Empire Strikes Back, he also appeared in Return of the Jedi, working a console in the rebel briefing.

I've also managed to finish a box of Rebel Fleet Troopers, I've gone with the classic colour scheme from A New Hope, and done all the helmets with the dark green plate at the front, even though as you'll see in the reference picture below, I found one with a white one.

One of the cool things I found with the Rebel sets, is that they have been including female models into the units, which personally I think is a great addition, and adds to the diversity in the units.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 13 January 2022


 One of the cool presents I got for Christmas, was a 3D printed shop building, which is perfect for Tatooine, from my eldest daughter. The print was of good quality, but the ridges were very pronounced in areas, this wasn't a problem as I wanted to add texture anyway. I tried wall filler, which worked well and easily stuck to the building. I also tried painting on liquid greenstuff, this stuck well, and is a technique that I will explore more on other 3D prints as I get them.

While my depth perception has been off, this seemed like the perfect project to paint, due to it's larger size.

Above you may have noticed some wanted posters on the back of the building, these were found off the internet, and then printed in a relevant scale, I have some others which I will add to other buildings at a later stage. I did add some staining and damage to the posters, to add to the effect, and once dry I painted a layer of PVA glue over the top, to help protect them.

Hopefully next time I can move onto something a bit more detailed, so until then stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave