Thursday 28 April 2022


 Recently Joe has been showing some of Bryan's vast collection  of models that with the permission of Bryan's brother he has been redistributing to other members of the community. For those that don't know Bryan passed away a few years ago, but was an avid gamer and painter, you can see some of what he did here vampifansworldoftheundead these days his blog is plagued by the spammers, which means a lot of the comments are hidden by these terrible people.

I put in a request with Joe, for two sections, The Judge Dredd Fatties, and some unbuilt zombies, these arrived on Monday very well packed. The only request that Joe made, was that if you got some of these models that you did something with them. I have plans for the fatties, just want to change the bases, to my normal for JD games, intend to keep the painting faithful to what Bryan did, just need to do a couple of repairs,

As for the zombies, I'd like to do a lot of them for Zomtober/ Apocalypse me, but in keeping with Joe's request I've painted up 5 this week, The models are all from Zombicide, now I have to thank Azazel's insane painting of his models from this set for inspiration, all the freehand and Tattoo's he's done really encouraged me to push these models. I also have to thank Matt Roger and Keith for their renditions and awesome backgrounds they add to each model. So here's my first go at these :

Bob was a simple man, he didn't like confrontation, and liked to take the easy path if possible. He liked working at the Gas Station, his boss had a don't cause trouble if you're being robbed policy, and just hand over the money, it was insured after all. Unfortunately Bob didn't know that Zombies prefer flesh to money, and ran as soon as the first one bit him, by the following day, he was part of the undead horde, but it was a simple life like he'd always wanted !

Brad got up early every day, to jog 5 miles before getting ready for his office job, he hated his boss, but was great at his job. Secretly he was a huge comic book fan, and his favourite character was Superman, hence his jogging outfit matched the characters colours. His girlfriend disagreed about him being Superman, and would often say he barely qualified as a man, let alone a super one ! The day of the infection, he noticed it was quieter than normal until he saw Bob from the Gas Station stumbling towards him, looking really sick, he ran to him to check he was all right, just in time for him to bite him.

Reece had always thought he was better than everyone else, coming from a privileged background, and had no time for the common people, he ran the family business, where he cut corners to save money, and even refused to pay for health insurance for the staff, even though his other cost cutting exercises had caused multiple injuries to the staff. The day of infection, he had got to the office early, to find it empty, while stomping around trying to work how the coffee machine worked, and cursing Susan for being late, Brad burst through the doors in jogging attire. " What the Hell are you wearing ? I don't pay you, to pursue your interests on my time !" Brad covered the room in record time and bit his arm. 

Susan decided she was taking the day off sick, Reece could make his own damn coffee, and keep his hands to himself today, and was going to enjoy the day by the pool. the walk there had been quiet, which was surprising for the time of day, until she saw Bob, he was always a quiet timid man, and kept himself to himself, but seemed distracted today, she walked over to him to check he was okay, when he spun round and bit her. She punched him hard to cause separation, and ran towards the hospital to seek medical attention.

Karen was stood outside the casino, giving the manager another piece of her mind ( many would say she didn't have enough to spare !) The manager was trying to explain that the staff had done everything right, and that she was no longer welcome in the casino, when Susan sprinted up and bit them both in quick time.

I've tried to push the painting on these models with bite marks and infection marks on all and a bit of freehand, I don't normally paint modern day models and these were a refreshing change of pace from the other projects I've been doing recently. That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 25 April 2022


 One of the interesting aspects of The Lost and the Damned army list, is the aspiring champions, GW wrote :

Not all Chaos Space Marines choose to remain with their Legion eternally. Personal ambition, vendetta's, jealousies, rivalries or the commands of their patrons may set their feet on a very different path. It is easy enough for such powerful warriors to quickly rise to the role of war chief, tyrant or despot to the lesser minions of Chaos.

As one HQ choice you can take 3 aspiring champions, and before the battle attach them individually to units of traitor guard or mutants. As these champions are more individual than normal I wanted to make sure each model looked unique, I took models from 3 different routes as the basis. The first one started out as a Chaos Lord model, I gave it a head swap, using a first edition Raptor head, which I then added a doom siren to, I also used a noise marine champion backpack.

The second one was made from the plastic aspiring champion pieces from the squad box set, with the addition of a raptor head with additional doom siren, and noise marine champion backpack, I also added some spirit faces on some of the black sections of the armour, they are quite subtle and look better in hand.

The last aspiring champion, started as a Raptor champion, the head had a doom siren added, the pistol came from the original Kharn model, and the sword arm was from a chaos biker, the backpack came from the possessed box set, for variation.

I also made a sorcerer, as this would give me the option of turning enemy models into spawn as explained last time, I started with an old sorcerer model, which I added a mark 2 noise marine head, I decided to make the left hand casting a spell, using a plastic arm, and the backpack came from the possessed box set as well.

Currently working on a unit of 30 mutants, 15 traitor guard, and two units of 10 cultists, so that's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday 22 April 2022


 In this case it would be me, after finishing the Emperor's Children army, I wanted to keep the momentum going, and finish my Lost and the Damned army list, which can ally with the EC. The list came out during the 3.5 codex so works well with the other list, it comprises of a lot of the lesser beings that attach themselves to Chaos, including mutants, and traitor guard.

The first unit today is a unit of Chaos Hounds, these were my favourite release of the models, and I notice GW have tried to replicate this style with their latest plastic version, but I still think these metals are better.

Next I have the Big Mutants, I decided not to give them firearms, and use them as a close combat unit. The models came from an array of places, two were plastic Ratogres, another was a character Chaos Spawn, and the last 3 were possessed from Mordhiem.

The next unit are Chaos Spawn, originally spawn, were champions that had received too many gifts from there patron, but over time, it just became a unit you could take, by codex 3.5 you could actually use a Chaos power to turn an enemy into a Chaos Spawn, which is where the idea for these models came from, and as Khorne and Slaanesh were bitter rivals I had to turn a Khornate champion into a spawn.

This next unit is a squad of Obliterators, now GW described them at the time as :

Obliterators have dwelt too long in the eye of terror and have contracted a contagion that sears their flesh to their armour. Marine and armour become one entity growing down the centuries into hulking weirdly baroque leviathans able to reshape their forms to spew death at their enemies. Obliterators are no longer Chaos Space Marines instead they are an amalgam of Marine, Daemon and armour, each part inseparable from the rest.

After reading the description, I decided that their colour scheme wouldn't be the normal pink and black, but a more generic Chaos colour scheme.

Last today I have a Defilier, as a lot of the weaponry in this army can be quite weak, I wanted a couple of heavy hitters, so with this one and the previous unit, I can add a lot of firepower. I made a base for the model, to add some movement and a show it's weight and strength.

A lot of these models just needed their bases, but a couple needed to be painted and one actually needed the conversion finished as well. All I've got left to finish are the troops and leaders, but there are a lot of troops ! LOL 

Will try to do some more Star Wars soon, at the latest May the 4 th , so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Sunday 17 April 2022


 You didn't really think I'd be able to stay away from my Star Wars project for too long did you ? Today I have a recent gift from my wife, I had intended to build one of these, but have got a 3D printed one to start with, before I go into the model I want to share a bit of it's history.

In 1979 Palitoy/Kenner released a toy for there Star Wars range that had not appeared in a film the Imperial Transport.

The one on the left was the original, and the one on the right was a later version based off the next design.

The next time it was seen was in the TV series Star Wars Rebels, which it appeared in all the series.

It then got it's live action debut in the Mandolorian season 1, with a updated version again.

So that's a little of it's heritage, the 3D model I've got has elements from all 3 versions, but is heavily influenced by the first version.

I like the model, but may well make another one, based on the later versions at some point. That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Wednesday 13 April 2022


 So here is the last post for my Emperor's Children army the flyers, now anyone who has been following my blog for awhile will know I love flyers, so I would not be doing this army justice without a couple or 3.

First up is the Hellblade, a Chaos fighter that was sold by Forgeworld, and as such, has some crisp detail, and quite a lot of it, which I don't mind. I went for my basic pink and black scheme for this one, and the base is a metal one, which keeps the model nicely balanced.

Next is a converted Helldrake, it normally has a lot more wings on it, but I thought it would look better with wings closer to the Forgeworld flyers.

Last today is the Helltalon bomber, I wanted a more elaborate colour scheme for this one, so I did the Slannesh symbol across the top of the wing, and then reversed it for the other side, after I'd painted it in the basic purple, I realised it needed something more, so I added swirling souls over the symbols, hopefully you agree it stands out now.

I had to make a replacement canopy for this model, as the original got lost when we moved house, but I actually like this one more, it looks sleeker. This brings to a close the Emperors Children, I do have a demon army for Slannesh to finish and a Lost and the Damned army that will work with the EC, but I'll show those when their done, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 11 April 2022


 Now I don't mean in the sense of gaming, but this was the hardest unit to complete, the models come from the the 5 th edition core game set, and were described as chosen, although there was no entry in the subsequent codex for Chosen. I shall use them as possessed models, with all the mutations, and warped armour.

So why were they hardest to do, well it wasn't the fact that they were plug in models, or the large undercuts that were a result of their design, or even the amount of detail on them as I enjoy a challenge, but the fact that the detail was so shallow, to combat it as best as possible I hand undercoated using as thin a paint as possible, also undercoating in the base colour rather than my normal black, to keep the number of layers of paint as low as possible.

I must have tried to get these painted 6 times and every time got frustrated, and put them to the side again, but I'm calling them done, even though I could probably spend another year trying to find the details. Next time I will have the last of the Emperor's Children posts with the flyers, then I might have a Star Wars post, before trying to finish another army, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 7 April 2022


 One of the things I really wanted to do with the Emperors Children army was to add in units I wouldn't normally use, like the bikers and terminators I showed last time, another thing I rarely use is Tanks, and Rhino's, as most of my other armies have flying vehicles instead.

The first one is a Rhino with a Warp Amp, to add a weapon to the transport capacity, plus it would give a long range attack for my close combat squad. Here is what wiki says about Warp Amps :

Warp Amplifier is a type of large Sonic Weapon that can be mounted upon Chaos vehicles such as the Rhino and Sonic Dreadnought that are used by the Chaos Space Marines.

This weapon is a devastating device that was designed by the Dark Mechanicum to amplify the emotions and sensations of nearby intelligent creatures by projecting resonant Warp energies from rune-encrusted horns and pipes that sprout from the vehicles that are equipped with the weapon.

The closer that an individual comes to the amplifier, the harder it is for them to maintain discipline and conscious thought.

These weapons are used during combat to weaken enemy morale and confuse the foe's forces. Weak-minded individuals may succumb to a variety of urges and temptations when exposed to this sonic Warp energy, or may simply be driven insane, flee from battle, or even become hostile to their own allies.

A vehicle equipped with a Warp Amplifier cannot be equipped with a Dirge Caster, as its sonic waves might interfere with the Warp Amplifier's own operations.

When the Exorcist tank was released for Sisters of Battle, I had this crazy idea of making it into my Warp Amp, and having a servitor playing the organ, for a comedic value. I also used a lot of Forgeworld doors and panels, and extra armour to give it a unique look.

And below is the squad that will use the above as it's transport.

The next Rhino, also has a lot of Forgeworld doors and panels, if I could I'd use Forgeworld parts on most things (barring cost, and whether they make a relevant piece), this one is for transporting my Noise Marines around in.

And here are the Noise Marines for the Rhino.

Next I have a Predator Tank, this was also a Forgeworld tank, with extra armour and panels. For the sponson weapons I converted the Lascannons to Sonic Blasters, to stick to the Noise Marine theme.

Next I have another close combat squad, that I went a lot further on the bases, and trying to tell a story with, these weren't originally part of the army, but I had the idea, and decided to go with it.

Last today is a special character, now normally I don't use special characters, but I liked the story behind Lucius the Eternal, so got him on a whim, but have him if I ever choose to play him.

Lucius the Eternal is the Champion of the Chaos God Slaanesh and a Lord Commander of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion. Lucius is also known as the "Soulthief," "Fulgrim's Champion," "Blade of Aeons," and the "Scion of Chemos."

Many millennia ago, Lucius was a proud Space Marine of the Emperor's Children Legion, following his PrimarchFulgrim, across the galaxy in the name of the Emperor. Forsaking all experience other than the art of close combat with the sword, Lucius bore the scars of battle with pride and, over time, he began to equate pain with success. By the time the Emperor's Children had been seduced by Horusrebellion, Lucius had cut deep lines across his face, head and chest, linking his scars in a maze of irregular patterns that distorted and deformed his features. Lucius slowly descended into madness. He was compelled by the whispers in his mind to commit ever more extreme acts, furthering an intense obsession with being the perfect swordsman.

Lucius continued to distinguish himself in the service of his Primarch as the III Legion descended into Chaos worship. He fought with incredible speed and skill in the gladiatorial contests Fulgrim held when the Legion was travelling from world to world. Lucius was almost invincible, a force of nature that could not be bested. The champion remained undefeated until he was finally slain fighting the infamous Lord Commander Cyrius.

Slaanesh was loath to let such a promising protégé slip into oblivion. Over the next few solar weeks, the Artificer Armour Commander Cyrius wore began to warp and change. Cyrius' hair fell out in clumps, and dark lines appeared under his flesh, slowly pushing through his skin as a maze of scar tissue. Soon, Lucius had emerged completely. All that remained of his executioner was a screaming, writhing face, subsumed for eternity into Lucius' armour.

Now, Lucius stalks the galaxy as an arrogant slaughterer who can never truly be killed. Whoever slays him and takes even a moment of satisfaction or pride from the act will find themselves transforming, slowly and painfully, into Lucius. The tortured visages of those who once killed him writhe within his armour, affording the swordsman endless gratification. His ornate sabre and sentient whip have tasted the blood of champions and kings across the galaxy, and he leads his debauched warband of Emperor's Children with total confidence, welcoming death with as much passion as he inflicts it upon his foes

That's all for today, got a few more pieces to finish off, and then I'll move onto another army, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave