Monday 30 November 2020


 This phrase turned out to be inaccurate as we found out later on, as it was in fact an R5 unit, at the time Luke was a simple farm boy, so I suppose we can let him off ! LOL

After working on Dark Eldar all last month, I wanted to return to my Star Wars project so decided to paint up a few more astromech's.

This first batch are all R5 units

On the left is R5-D4 who was first seen in episode 4 and was the unit that blew his motivator, in the expanded universe we found out he was a rebel spy, and recently he appeared in "The Mandolorian"

In the middle is R5-K6 who appeared in the original trilogy.

The last one is R5-U8 who appears in Star Wars Rebels.

Next up are some R2 units

On the left is R2-K2, this was first done as a promotional droid to help raise funds for Breast Cancer research, and has since appeared in Star Wars Rebels.

In the centre is R2-C4 and appeared in the original trilogy.

On the right is R2-A6 and also appeared in the original trilogy.

Last droid today is an R4 unit

I've based this on an Imperial courier droid that appeared in Star Wars Rebels, as my previous two selections ended up being ones I've already done, really need to pay attention to what I've already done ! LOL

This next model is a shapeshiffter like the one that appeared in Episode 2 " Attack of the Clones" this model had been sat in the pile of no idea of what to do with since I got it as I'd already painted one on the movie, until watching the Clone Wars cartoon noticed another shapeshiffter and while finding reference pictures found another two from the expanded universe.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday 27 November 2020


 Managed to finish one last unit for the challenge, a unit of Hellion Skyboarders. This unit is all made from standard GW plastic kits, which has a wide selection of heads and arms to give plenty of variation, the only conversion work I had to do was to make some of the torsos female, as other than Wracks and Grotesques my whole army is female.

Originally the Hellions were part of the Wych Cult in the first edition rules, but by second edition they had become a separate cult. I wanted to keep a link to the Wyches so used a similar colour scheme, I changed the colour of the undersuit to a dark brown rather than black and left off the distinctive red face paint my Wyches have, but the rest remained the same.

I've named them the Pack of the serrated blade, and added suitable markings on the wings.

Originally I'd started making a unit of 5 skyboarders using a hoverboard I got from a cheap toy mixed with the engine from the original metal Hellions, I intend to still use these but will now be beastmasters, as they now ride skyboards as well. Above is the only one I've completed so far, made from an earlier version of Morathi from the Dark Elf range.

That's all for this post so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 23 November 2020


 This next unit is a story of two halves, the first half of this unit of Scourges are the basic plastic models released by GW, after the release of the second edition codex. Now you may remember I painted one of the unit recently as a break from everything else I was painting at the time. 

Now the second half of the unit started out as first edition metal Scourges, which at the time were basic warriors with effectively jump packs. By second edition they had changed to warriors who had gone under the Haemonculi's knife, and had wings grafted on, and sometimes even talons, grafted to their feet.

Using the spare heads from the sprue, I updated the helmets, and scratchbuilt the champions head. The wings are a mix of wings I got from ebay and some I built.

With this unit finished my shelves are looking a lot less grey !

That's all for this post, hoping to get at least one more unit finished, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 19 November 2020


 No I'm not talking about a girls best friend, but painting diamonds. I bought these Harlequins a couple of years ago to help scale a commission I was working on, with the intention of adding them into my Dark Eldar army, as you can take them as an elite choice.

For anyone who doesn't know what they are, they are a travelling performing troupe that perform for all the Eldar races ( Dark Eldar, Craftworld Eldar, and Exodite Dragon Knights) or at least that's what they used to be, not upto date on current 40K lore. Not only were they performers, but excellent combat fighters. In Rogue Trader a small force of these could wipe out space marine forces.

I wanted a colour scheme that wasn't too jarring with the rest of my Dark Eldar, so stuck to the palette of black, red, and white, with the addition of brightly coloured hair, to give some individuality.

While I painted these, I also finished off the 2nd edition metal Death Jester to add to the unit.

A couple of years ago GW released a full army list with additional models available, I had thought of making a small force to add to my army as an allied force, but after painting this unit I'm thinking of dropping that idea as they are an absolute pain to paint ! LOL

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave 

Saturday 14 November 2020


 No your not rereading the last post, I have finished another squad of wracks, this unit is all made from the plastic box sets that are available. I included a white barb on the faceplate to distinguish from the first squad.

I also then finished the raider for them to ride on.

I also managed to finish the third and final squad of wracks ( thought it better to get them all out of the way in one post !LOL) this squad has the leader and liquifier gun from the standard plastic box set, but as I had a lot of spare arms, face plates, and back humps from the three plastic box sets and the 5 finecast models I decided to utilise the parts and added them to Empire flagellant bodies to create some quite unique wracks. I also put a white barb on the faceplate of this squad but in a different position to the last.

I also finished the raider for this squad

Then I finished off the raider for the first squad I showed in the previous post.

The three vehicles were easy finishes as they just needed details to complete, the two squads were complete paints, but finishing the first set had revealed some quick ways to get them done.

When I originally set the unit challenge, I had planned to do bits and pieces from different ranges, but as my Dark Eldar sit on a shelving unit on my desk I see their unfinished state everyday, and will continue to focus on these for the rest of the month I think.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave