Sunday 26 January 2020


Jetta woke to find herself in the middle of an arena, there were four large metal doors that were closed, and four smaller man size doors also closed, she couldn't see anyone above the walls watching her.
As she rose to her feet three of the large metal doors started to open revealing a Reek, an Acklay, and a Nexu. She reached for her lightsabre and was surprised to find it in it's normal position, igniting it she stood ready for the coming onslaught.

Thinking on her feet she rushed the Nexu, and engaged the beast, leaving the other two beasts a distance away for the moment.
with a flurry of blows each one finding it's mark bar one, the beast was not as lucky with it's blows as only one hit true, the rest being parried or blocked with the force.
Nexu rolled two red dice scoring a hit and a blank with it's base hits of 3 gave a total of 4 hits and one block.
Jetta chose to roll one red dice and one green dice scoring her 3 hits and 1 block, with her base hits of 2 and 2 blocks gave her a total of 5 hits and 3 blocks.

The Nexu, fought back as any predatory animal would when wounded, and landed twice as many blows as before but wasn't enough, as Jetta managed to land enough fatal hits to kill the beast.
Nexu scoted 2 hits giving a total of 5 hits and 1 block
Jetta scored 2 hits and 1 block giving a total of 4 hits and 3 blocks

The two other beasts closed across the arena to attack Jetta. Having dispatched the Nexu she turned attention on the Reek and charged into combat, this beast wasn't going to be as easy to defeat as it tried to gorge her with it's horns and stomp her with it's feet, but her skills meant that she landed more blows than she took.
Reek scored 4 hits and with it's base score of 2 hits and no blocks had a total of 6 hits and 0 blocks
Jetta rolled 3 hits, so had a total of 5 hits and 2 blocks

The reek fought back with howls of pain, but wasn't strong enough to prevail with the flurry of attacks that she returned and fell to her swift blade.
Reek scored 3 hits giving a total of 5 hits and no blocks
Jetta scored 4 hits giving her a total of 6 hits and 2 blocks

The Acklay wanting to get in on the action, strode into combat finish to finish her off, Jetta spun round at the sound of it's charging bellow, she was getting weak now, and would need to defend herself as she wouldn't last much longer.
The Acklay rolled 2 hits and a skull, meaning only it's base score of 2 hits and 1 block would count.
Jetta rolled 1 hit and 1 block giving her a total of 3 hits and 3 blocks.

She didn't know how much longer she could keep this up, as her wounds were really taking a toll on her, if she was going to survive, she would need to push with all her remaining strength and defeat this last creature.with one last push she threw everything she had at the creature, but in her state of weakness the Acklay held off and pierced her to the floor with a killing blow.
Acklay scored 2 hits and no blocks giving a total of 4 hits and 1 block
Jetta scored 4 hits giving a total of 6 hits and 2 blocks

Darth Vader and the Emperor walked out of the shadows, at the top of the arena, "As I told you my master she was not as strong as she thought !" "Indeed my apprentice, but it is another Jedi eradicated !"
This game was played using the Death Match rules, using the human stats for Jetta,equipped with a lightsabre (laser sword) force push (laser shield) and jedi skills (light armour).
The Reek was using Horned Hominid rules

The Nexu used the Saretooth Razorback rules

And the Acklay used the Female arachnid rules

These 3 models were my Father's day gift and had been safely stuck in a box until last week, but rather than just paint them and show them off I thought I'd put them in a game.
That's all for this post so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday 20 January 2020


As I slowly start unpacking boxes I noticed a lot of grey plastic staring back at me from abandoned projects, where my focus had been solely on my Star Wars project. So this year I've decided to get some paint on these old projects, the first to get a slap of paint were the Chaos cultists from GW's 40K box set from a few years back, the box set contained a set armed with autoguns, but had two of each model, so when I got them I did some head swaps to add variation.

I've kept  the palette muted even though they're for Slaanesh as I thought of them as a turned work force disgruntled with the Imperiums regime. The leader seemed to be wearing a looted Commisar jacket so painted it accordingly.

The box set also had close combat cultists as well, I gave the unit leader more colour to fit his rank.

Next to hit the paint desk was the Hellbrute, personally I prefer the old style dreadnought and especially the Forgeworld ones, made by Will Hayes and Simon Egan. So I've decided I'll use this as a Dreadnought that has been demonically possessed, the base will get done atthe same time as the rest of the force.
No idea what will be next, will have to see where the muse takes me, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave 

Wednesday 8 January 2020


Have managed to make a bit of progress on a couple of my current projects, firstly is a couple more steps on the rebel transporter

As you can see in this first picture I've been filing the holes from the original push fit internals.

Next I ground off the edges around the rim.

Then using plasticard I added in the edges to bring it more inline with the reference picture. The next step requires some filler work, which I need to pick up as I've used up all I had on the house before Xmas.

I have found my coloured plastic rod so have now added all the lightsabre glows on my chess set.

I also found some statues I've had for years, they were in packs of Frosties when episode 1 of Star Wars came out, I'd always intended to paint them, just never got around to it. Now I know these have no gaming purpose but gave me a good chance of practising some different techniques that I don't use very often. I'll show the rest when they're finished but was pleased with how these two turned out.
That's all for this post, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave