Sunday 31 May 2020


Tomorrow see's the the start of Forgotten Heroes run by Jez over at carrioncrowsbuffet the event this year is to convert and a paint a model based on a character from either film, TV series or comic book that hasn't had a model made for it or you don't like the model currently available for it.
In 2018 I took part in this event, creating many models for the A.B.C. Warriors from 2000 ad. Here's a picture of all completed models so far.

This year I'm hoping to get some more of the Warriors finished, I have 7 to do, all the frames were made over the last couple of years and very occasionally worked on, this year I'd like to get them all finished, but will have to see how far I get. Now some of you may be thinking but they've released models of some of these Dave, and indeed they have, but I'm doing as many as I can based off the art of Clint Langley, as I like his version the best.
Here's where Thy're all at

As you can see Zippo and Hammerstein are almost built and should easily be able to finish these.

Joe, Steelhorn, and Deadlock have all been started to a decent level.

Lastly there's Terri and Purity which have a lot of work to do !

So be prepared there will be a lot of posts this month about these guy's, and hopefully a few for other projects, so until next time stay safe and have fun !
Cheers Dave

Wednesday 27 May 2020


Continuing on with my Star Wars project I've got a few more Aliens finished, first I've got a representation of Nien Nunb of the Rebel Alliance painted up, the model was released by wizards of the Coast  when they had their licence. I picked this one up off of Ebay recently, no conversion just a straight repaint.

Next are two aliens from Jabba's Palace, both were riding the Skiff's on the ride to the Sarlacc pit, I got these at Xmas the one on the left is Kithaba which I converted from the standard model of Barada on the right, both models are WOTC and had repaints

Last up today is a Bantha, which is my finl entry for Monster May, was hoping to have a herd of these done but the workshop took way longer than I hoped ! this is a cast from the scratchbuilt model I made a while back.

That's all for this post so until next time stay safe and have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday 25 May 2020


`I'm back ! some of you may have noticed my lack of presence on the blogosphere like Roy, and I will explain later in this post, as first I want to show some models.
First up is my finished Krotox Shaper (right hand side one, other shown for scale), in the rules it says you must include a shaper in the unit, but didn'y say if it had to be on foot, so thought this would be a cool modelling opportunity. most of the model was scratch built.

Next is my Dark Shaper to go with my Warp Kroot (Right Hand side one,other shown for scale) I've made him taller than a standard Kroot by sculpting his legs to help show his use of Chaos meat, I also changed the colour of his quills to help make him stand out.

The only other Kroot I'm working on at the moment are the handlers for the Warp Kroot, and then I'll have to wait to do any more on this project until I get some more plastic Kroot.

In these strange and uncertain times many small businesses are struggling, and mine is no different. I could take the grant from the government, but that would mean having to pay back over time, and as my company has never had a loan or credit card I'm very happy not having to worry about owing anybody anything.
So what to do ? well in typical fashion Sarah and I have pushed forward and updated my casting facility, since the move we had temporary fixes, but we've now got the whole thing fully insulated, better lighting, and an increase in space, with a new section planned for mould storage and another section for linishing. This is where I've been for the last week and a bit getting this sorted and recovering inbetween. With this now finished and the first order having been cast in it, we are ready to keep striving forward, and can concentrate on new releases and keeping up on the blogs.
So until next time stay safe and have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday 11 May 2020


This Wednesday Roger will be running his weekly WHAT IF ? on his blog rantingsfromunderthewargamestable , over the weeks it has covered all sorts of subjects in a light hearted fun way, but on one of the weeks we discussed TV series we would love to see remade, my two suggestions was Space 1999, and Blake's 7. Both series at one point were scheduled to have remakes done and then never happened.
So for a couple of weeks now my head had latched onto this idea and started coming up with ideas for Blake's 7, and here's where I've got to

First is the Liberation class alien vessel that Blake and the rest of the crew call home, I've moved away from  a man made look and gone for more of an organic feel, it's alien after all !

Next is the Federation system pursuit ship, Hornet class. These only have short range capabilities, a single solar system, but very agile and have a single main gun.

Next is the long range pursuit craft, Tarantula class, has better range capabilities and also two missle pods as well as it's main gun.

Last up today is a Federation Destroyer, Scorpion class, thinking it will have a main cannon and lots of smaller weapons bristling the body
Still a long way to go on these with detailing, then onto crew and ship bridge, but that's a story for another day, WHAT HAVE YOU STARTED ROGER !!!!
Until next time stay safe and have fun !
Cheers Dave

Friday 8 May 2020


I decided that my Warp Kroot wasn't really enough for an event of this magnitude, so decided to do a second entry for angrypiper challenge this month, this Oriental dragon comes Model Display Products, and was part of my payment for sculpting the beastie, it has sat unpainted for 9 years so about time it had some paint on it.
The colours I chose was blue for the scales, this was shaded with red, highlighted with two more shades of blue and a final highlight of yellow. I included yellow into the fur as well to tie the two areas together.

I have another entry I'm working on at the moment, then I will be doing one for  Ann's Immaterium which is also large things but this one is running until the end of June so should have time to finish it.
So until next time stay safe and have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday 4 May 2020


One of the different things about Kroot is that instead of pursuing an enemy when you cause them to break, they always consolidate to harvest meat or even chow down on their victims. I wanted to do a squad that was a visual representation of this, as at the time I thought it would help in achieving best army at the tournament.

I've photographed the unit in several parts, as I noticed that on some of my previous photographs, some of the models were very blurry. This first set are actually pulling apart a victim and chowing down.

The next group have harvested what they want and ready to set of back into combat.

This last model is the first new model I've bought for this army in a long time, it comes from the Blackstone Fortress game, but I'm using it as a shaper for the unit.


This is my entry for Monster May angrypiper, the Warp Kroot, I've changed my regular colour scheme to represent his uniqueness. Once I'd painted the standard dark tones for the army, I added a black glaze all over to mute the colours, I also added a dark red glaze between the muscles as if he'd been feed Khornate meat.
I'm currently working on a Dark Shaper to lead him, and four handlers, he's a big boy after all and may take a lot to restrain him.
That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !
Cheers Dave