Thursday 31 December 2020


 Starting on my target for the latest challenge, I've completed my first unit of Daemonettes, these models are the plastic 3rd edition models, personally I prefer the second edition models, but they are now rather expensive to get on Ebay, so I opted for the cheaper option of the plastics.

The unit is numbered 6 as that is the sacred number of Slaanesh, and I have included a icon, and instrument in the unit.

Having finished my first unit of demons I then painted up the first of my new Star Wars miniatures Cad Bane. He is a bounty hunter from the Clone Wars era, and I really like bounty hunters so he was a must have ! LOL

That's all for todays post, there is still plenty of time if you would like to join in on the challenge.

So until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Saturday 26 December 2020


 At this time of year, we often have a dilemma, paint our new additions to the ever mounting pile of metal, plastic and resin models or finish off those existing models in the pile. 

This new challenge is to help with motivation to finish up either so for someone like mark it would be more likely to work on his Conquistadores whereas Roger may want to paint up his new Elvira model he made just before Christmas.

As we all paint at different speeds, you set your own target, if you just want to paint a single model, then go for it, if you want to paint a vehicle, no problem, got a new piece of scenery, or one that's been collecting dust for years, paint away. There is no maximum target, and the only minimum is one model, you choose.

If you want to take part, leave a comment below, and list what your target is, the closing date will be 28/02/2021 so that gives you two whole months, why so long ? well with these ever changing times who knows how much time we'll have on our hands over the coming weeks, so 2 months should be plenty of time.

If you want to add to your target at a later point, because you've finished your first one, just add it to your reply below.

I will do a half way round up at the end of January, so we can all see each others progress, but you can always check out each others blogs and see as well.

So to start the ball rolling here's my target :

I was lucky enough to get some new Star Wars models for Christmas, but I have far too many unfinished projects as well, so for every new model I paint I intend to finish an old unit that needs painting, I currently have 3 units of Demonettes and a unit on steed that need painting (all of them are units of 6) so for 4 new models I'm going to clear 24 old ones. If I clear this then I will add to my target.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Tuesday 22 December 2020


 Normally this time of year I'd be running around between family members dropping off presents, and spending time enjoying the festivities, this year is obviously very different, all presents were dropped off at the end of October as we had an idea that Christmas would be under lockdown conditions. This means I've had a little more time to get one last post in.

First today is Chalmun, that Ivor mentioned in my last post, if you're thinking I don't remember this character from the movie, you'd be right as he only appeared in a piece of concept art by Ralph McQuarrie for the cantina scene, he was later developed into the character Chewbacca instead of Ralph's original concept which later became Seb in Star Wars Rebels. 

Next we have Karoly D'ulin, who could be seen propping up the bar while smoking what now looks like a vaping machine ( to think Star Wars had this idea 30 + years before it happened !)

Seen in the movie next to Karoly we have Shada D'ukal decided to pose her similar to her promo shot.

This next character is Solomahal and was sat on the table to the right of the entrance when Luke enters the bar.

These next two were strange additions in my book men in spacesuits the first one has a name Danz Borin

The next one is listed has cantina dude or spaceman 2 

I've got two more spacemen to do but as they are both wearing the same suit, I've built the body legs and helmet and will take a cast to replicate and then just have two sets of arms to build, Ive also done the same with Nebrun and Chall but will show more on them once completed.

I saw this on Facebook this week and it made me laugh, then thought it would be fun to list your top ten Star Wars movies or series here is mine for example.

1 The Mandolorian (series)

2 Return of the Jedi (film)

3 Rogue One (film)

4 A New Hope (film)

5 Star Wars Rebels (series)

6 Empire Strikes Back (film)

7 Revenge of the Sith (film)

8 Attack of the Clones (film)

9 The Clone Wars (series)

10The Phantom Menace (film)

If you'd like to share yours in the comments feel free (I won't judge ! LOL) they may be very different but we all have different tastes, which is a good thing.

That's all for this post so until I post up the next challenge stay safe and have fun.

Cheers Dave

Thursday 17 December 2020



It's that time of year again to wish all who visit my little blog a very Merry Christmas, my daughter was going to do me a new Christmas slide of a Santa in PPE dropping presents wherever he could but thought do we really want a reminder of the year we had, so instead I'm using last years, and hope next year is a lot better for all.

The above reference picture is from Yodapedia, and was the main reference sheet I used to find more pictures of each character from in the cantina. The fact that they had the names on each made finding additional pictures a lot easier. All the models on show today are scratch builds as I couldn't find models for them.

First finished model today is Elis Helrot, if you spotted anything of this guy it would have been the back of his head.

Next is Melas, and was only in the special edition, he did get a full screen shot to himself.

Next is Trinto Duaba who was sat in a corner behind other background characters.

Next is Bom Vimdin, who was sat at a table with several other background characters, including this next one.

Pons Limbic was sat at the same table as Bom.

This next one is Leesub Sirin if you did spot her in the film it was probably a rearview of her stood with some spacemen.

This next one isn't on the list above, but is one I found while searching for reference pictures Braconnor Bakiska.

For this next model I've moved outside of the cantina, this character was the one who bought Luke's speeder, personally I wouldn't trust him, too many shifty eyes ! LOL

This next reference picture is for Keith, as in my last post he mentioned the Christmas special and a character that poured a drink into his head, here is said character Krelman.

While I'm mentioning fellow bloggers, Mark is currently running a competition on his blog where you can win some vintage figures, and all you've got to do is guess a date, what could be easier than that !

That's all for this post, apart from a question, what is a film that most people say that's rubbish but you like anyway. For me I have two, Battle Beyond the Stars, and Ice Pirates. Both cheesy but I enjoy them.

Until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Sunday 13 December 2020


Continuing on with the denizens of the cantina I've managed to make a few more, so you may remember so you may not.

First is Dice Ibegon, now he appeared in both the original and the special addition, in the original he was growled at by Lak Sivrak, and by Ketwol in the special edition.

Next is Ketwol who only appeared in the special edition.

This is Kardue'sal'malloc, who appeared in both versions of the film, and actually had a screen shot of just him.

This M'ilyoom Onith, who appeared in both versions.

Next is Reegesk, who appeared in both versions, you only see him for a second or two on the right hand side of the screen when our heroes enter the cantina.

This next one is Tzizvvt, he is such a background character, that I had to rely on promo shots and Palitoy models to get all the details. The design reminds me of a 1950's horror film.

The last one today is Kitik Keed'kak, and is another extremely background character, reminds me of a preying mantis wearing a skirt.

It was good to actually have a use for the bar room furniture I made a while back, rather than models just standing around them.

That's all for today, more denizens to follow probably, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave