Tuesday 31 December 2019


Firstly I'd like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year !

I thought I would also show the first few steps I've taken with the rebel transporter.

The first thing I needed to do was fill in the holes on the top, I started this by sticking plasticard inside to block the holes. Then I used green stuff over the top to add detail ( this will be able to see in later shots).

Next I needed to modify the back hatch to trail off more, as you can see in the pictures first I marked it with a pen, then cut carefully along the line

To get the shape required I used masking tape to give the rough shape, on both the front and back apertures

I then used fibreglass and resin on the inside to add strength and shape.

While the top was left to set hard I started work on the bottom section, first I drilled out the three engine holes, I did this by drilling a pilot hole, then using a wood boring drill slowly widened the hole.

Next I added a green stuff lid to each of the engines, using my little finger as a support inside the engine while securing it.

Once the above was dry I then filled in the back of the holes.
That's as far as I've got so far, hopefully I will have more to show soon, so until next year have fun !
Cheers Dave

Friday 27 December 2019


With Christmas over with for another year, I've been busy painting up some of my presents from Sarah and the children.
First up is the start of a small Bespin group, including Lobot, a guard, and a Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot, thinking of using these on Tatooine occasionally as they arrive to procure supplies, or maybe for dealings with a less savoury element.

Next up is two rebel pilots, I've painted one in the usual colours, and one in blue squadron colours, which I thought would be appropriate as that was the colours I used on my X-Wing last year.

The last model today is Djas Puhr from the Cantina scene, makes one less model to build for that scene, so was very happy.

I have a couple more which I won't show until I've done the work needed on them, but want to show the start of a piece of scenery I got the Rebel Transporter which I will be turning it into the rusted version seen when entering Mos Eisley.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, that's all for this post, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday 23 December 2019


Just a quick post to wish one and all a Very Merry Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate.
Many thank's to my daughter for designing my second card, shouldn't be long before I can do a set ! LOL
Until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Thursday 12 December 2019


Continuing on with the undead this month, I am getting close to finishing the two groups of victim and feeders, just a couple of details left to do on a couple and then they will be ready for casting, but this week has been taken up with trying to get my new sculpting room to a point where I can use it.
Here are the pictures

Hopefully shouldn't be long now to finish and also get the wheelchair Z done as well, short post today as I'm about to wrestle with a carpet !
Until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Wednesday 4 December 2019


Well this month is truly turning into the month of the dead, as my computer chair of 14 years finally gave up the ghost, unfortunately I happened to be sat on it when it happened, fear not dear readers no models were damaged in the process, just my already damaged body ! LOL Who say's our hobby isn't dangerous !

Fortunately I had finished the child feeder Z before this happened

It's a bit hard to see at the moment all in green but finally found a use for the bizarre teddy leash that I've seen available for kids toys, have also gone for mated hair to cover the face as child Z's can upset some people.
That's all for today, will hopefully have all the feeders finished by next week, and the wheelchair Z too, so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave

Monday 2 December 2019


As I start DEADCEMBER I decided to start with the victims and eaters, this was due to the fact that each piece is effectively four sculpts in one and would take some time.

The first one is a male victim getting bit in the neck by an old Z, hence the emancipated look of the Z, the other two Z's will be chewing on his arm (separate cast) and a bloated Z chewing on his intestine's (separate cast)

The second victim is female, with a torso Z crawling over to get to the soft bits. There will be a child Z eating intestine (separate cast) and another Z eating her detached leg.

Have also started Dai's idea for a wheelchair Z, never let it said we are not an equal opportunities Z force ! That's it for this update so until next time have fun !
Cheers Dave