Monday, 16 May 2022


 For this post I have two very different models, from two different sources, but as the title suggests, it's all about balance. The first model is one I've made based off a creature I saw in the series "The Book of Boba Fett" it's called a sand bat this is what Wookiepedia has to say about it :

The sand bat was an animal native to the desert planet of Tatooine. The Tusken Raiders used its venom as a weapon to kill Krayt dragons during rites of passage.[1] The species crowed at sunrise.[2]

Made with greenstuff, wire frame, and the wings are acetate to keep them thin, painting I've tried to match the reference picture below.

When I first saw it and listened to it crow, it reminded me of the 1981 film "Caveman" starring Ringo Starr, in the movie every so often you'd see a dinosaur and it would either crow, or howl like a coyote ! LOL

The next model is an old 1980's model by GW which was sold as a Chaos Demon, this was back before they had come up with the different factions, so all the demons were generic, but I still get a very Slaaneesh feel about it, and used this as a basis for one of the gibbering hoard, I have no idea what to use it as yet, could be another spawn model, or a demonette herald.

I'll have to wait for Keith's adjudication if they both count towards my Monster May(hem) total. When I recently visited my local GW to pick up some paint, the manager made a comment that I didn't do their hobby anymore, now as you've seen recently, I still work on 40K armies, but do I follow GW's throw away what you've got and get this new shiney model instead, then I guess no I don't and I'm good with that, and I'm happy with what I do.

That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Friday, 13 May 2022


 One of the cool things the Lost and the Damned army list added was the Gibbering Horde, effectively they were minor Demons for other factions other than Nurgle, but followed the same rules as Nurglings, I was hoping they would release some models for them, but that never came to pass, so was going to require some creativity on my part. As this army was originally going to be for a tournament list, I started by getting a chaos familiar for each stand, so GW would have no problem with the bases, then set about building the rest. I tried to follow the basic premise for Slaanesh throughout, with using ideas that had appeared in their other demons, and working on the premise of excesses. I went for the Slaanesh number 6, so had 6 models to each base and 6 bases.

Since it is no longer part of a tournament list, I've moved them into my Demon Army list, which is now completed, if you want to see the rest of the army, it's all in the Emperor's Children section, Not doing too bad this year, as I've now finished two armies this year, and one unit away of finishing a third.

Will have to wait for Keith to adjudicate if these count towards Monster May(hem) due to their diminutive size, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Wednesday, 11 May 2022


 Been a little while since my last post, two factors have played into this, one was a real world issue, which I am hoping is now resolved, the other was trying to build a new piece. Now when Keith announced this years Monster May(hem) he mentioned he was looking forward to seeing how I could equal or beat last years Krayt Dragon, now size wise this would be difficult, unless I fancied building a Zillo_Beast which I had no need for, then I thought what if I changed scale !

So today I have a Purrgil, here is what Wookieepedia has to say about them :

Purrgil were a semi-sentient species of massive whales that lived in deep space, traveling from star system to star system. Some of them were only the size of a small starship while others were much larger. They had streamlined bodies with a smooth-looking bluish-purple skin, four large hind tentacles, a single dorsal fin, and two side fins. Their heads had a characteristic bulbous shape with one eye on each side. Living in groups consisting of up to dozens of individuals, they were able to fly through hyperspace by creating simu-tunnels. The natural ability of the purrgil inspired sentients to develop hyperdrive technology and wayfinders that were used for hyperspace navigation.

According to Hera Syndulla, leader of the Spectres rebel cell, most spacers considered purrgil to be pests due to their habit of approaching and flying into starships near their flight paths, and for ships crashing into their swarms during hyperspace travel. Numerous spacer deaths could be attributed to purrgil-related incidents, leading most spacers to fire upon them on sight. However, Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, another member of the Spectres, was able to establish a connection to the whales when he encountered a group of them together with the rest of his crew at a gas refinery. He later used that bond to ally with a group of purrgil against Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn's 7th Fleet during the liberation of the Outer Rim planet Lothal, ultimately removing the fleet from the planet by having the purrgil wrap their tentacles around Thrawn's starship and jump to hyperspace.

I've used the same method as the Krayt Dragon, using a foam core to make the centre then skinning with green stuff.

As you can see in the last shot I've included a Y-Wing for scale purposes, now I just need to see if Keith thinks I've managed to equal last year ! LOL That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Tuesday, 3 May 2022


 For the second year in a row, I've actually remembered to have some Star Wars models ready to post up on the Star Wars celebration day, and this year I was even organised enough to have models for Monster May(hem) that fit both criteria. Now on Keith's opening ceremony he said he looked forward to seeing what I come up with this year to surpass or equal the Krayt Dragon I did last year, and at this time I don't know that's possible, but will endeavour to see what I can come up with.

So I'm going to start small and see where it leads, so for my first submission I have a pair of Wampa's, for anyone who doesn't know what they are, they come from the ice planet Hoth, and are the planets apex predator. They first appeared in " The Empire Strikes Back", and in the original you barely saw it's face and a bit of an arm, when the extended versions were released, we were treated to a full shot of the creature devouring Luke's Tauntaun.

Below are the original face shot, and the full extended version, I've based my colours on the extended version.

What's that you say not enough for a celebration ! Okay with a recent order off of Ebay I received a bonus couple of models, two poses of the Mandalorian Armourer that featured in the series "The Mandalorian", this was a very pleasant surprise, but I thought I only really need one, so I'll paint up both, and then decided which one I'd use, and unsurprisingly I've gone for the action pose, so will pass along my good fortune and give the second one away.

You're still here ! But the credits are rolling and everyone is leaving. Oh you're waiting to see if there is an Easter Egg in the credits, okay here's one more for Monster May(hem). In the recent series " The Book of Boba Fett" there was a new creature shown in episode one, from a little bit of research I've found it's being called a Tatooine Sand Ape, as soon as I saw this creature, I knew I wanted one, as it would be a great random encounter in my games, and planned to build one. Then recently I spotted that someone was selling two versions of the creature, when the prints came through, the quality was excellent, no 3D lines, and no clean up, which meant I could get straight onto painting them. I've tried to match the colours, and used multiple different glazes to get all the different tones I spotted in the reference picture to come through.

Okay that really is all now, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Sunday, 1 May 2022


 As May will be mostly Monster May(hem) I wanted to get what I had got completed for the Lost and the Damned army list posted up, now GW way of doing traitor guard seems to be add spikes to it, as was evident with the Blackstone Fortress game that was released and can be seen below.

I wanted to go a different route for my traitor guard, so I present my Chem Dogs, the thought behind these was that they would pollute the water supplies of an area with mind bending toxins, so the population could later be harvested to create new elixirs for the followers of Slannesh. The unit is a full squad of 15 as the codex required this if it was one of the compulsory units. 

As you can see above I started with the Steel Legion models and then modified the heads to look like rough hoods or shrouds, originally I was going to do all the same hood as seen on the missile launcher crew but decided this would be too uniform for Chaos. You will also see that the missile launcher crew has a causality marker built in. All of these models have been painted since the HQ post of this army and 13 of them had to be converted first before painting.

I've also based the two squads of Cultists I have as well, now the list doesn't have an entry for cultists, but these could easily be taken as more Traitor Guard units, as can you really have enough guard models. 

I only have one unit left to finish for this army a squad of 30 mutants, but these will have to wait until later, as I want to concentrate on Monster May(hem) which I should hopefully have the first post up on May the 4 th, so until then stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday, 28 April 2022


 Recently Joe has been showing some of Bryan's vast collection  of models that with the permission of Bryan's brother he has been redistributing to other members of the community. For those that don't know Bryan passed away a few years ago, but was an avid gamer and painter, you can see some of what he did here vampifansworldoftheundead these days his blog is plagued by the spammers, which means a lot of the comments are hidden by these terrible people.

I put in a request with Joe, for two sections, The Judge Dredd Fatties, and some unbuilt zombies, these arrived on Monday very well packed. The only request that Joe made, was that if you got some of these models that you did something with them. I have plans for the fatties, just want to change the bases, to my normal for JD games, intend to keep the painting faithful to what Bryan did, just need to do a couple of repairs,

As for the zombies, I'd like to do a lot of them for Zomtober/ Apocalypse me, but in keeping with Joe's request I've painted up 5 this week, The models are all from Zombicide, now I have to thank Azazel's insane painting of his models from this set for inspiration, all the freehand and Tattoo's he's done really encouraged me to push these models. I also have to thank Matt Roger and Keith for their renditions and awesome backgrounds they add to each model. So here's my first go at these :

Bob was a simple man, he didn't like confrontation, and liked to take the easy path if possible. He liked working at the Gas Station, his boss had a don't cause trouble if you're being robbed policy, and just hand over the money, it was insured after all. Unfortunately Bob didn't know that Zombies prefer flesh to money, and ran as soon as the first one bit him, by the following day, he was part of the undead horde, but it was a simple life like he'd always wanted !

Brad got up early every day, to jog 5 miles before getting ready for his office job, he hated his boss, but was great at his job. Secretly he was a huge comic book fan, and his favourite character was Superman, hence his jogging outfit matched the characters colours. His girlfriend disagreed about him being Superman, and would often say he barely qualified as a man, let alone a super one ! The day of the infection, he noticed it was quieter than normal until he saw Bob from the Gas Station stumbling towards him, looking really sick, he ran to him to check he was all right, just in time for him to bite him.

Reece had always thought he was better than everyone else, coming from a privileged background, and had no time for the common people, he ran the family business, where he cut corners to save money, and even refused to pay for health insurance for the staff, even though his other cost cutting exercises had caused multiple injuries to the staff. The day of infection, he had got to the office early, to find it empty, while stomping around trying to work how the coffee machine worked, and cursing Susan for being late, Brad burst through the doors in jogging attire. " What the Hell are you wearing ? I don't pay you, to pursue your interests on my time !" Brad covered the room in record time and bit his arm. 

Susan decided she was taking the day off sick, Reece could make his own damn coffee, and keep his hands to himself today, and was going to enjoy the day by the pool. the walk there had been quiet, which was surprising for the time of day, until she saw Bob, he was always a quiet timid man, and kept himself to himself, but seemed distracted today, she walked over to him to check he was okay, when he spun round and bit her. She punched him hard to cause separation, and ran towards the hospital to seek medical attention.

Karen was stood outside the casino, giving the manager another piece of her mind ( many would say she didn't have enough to spare !) The manager was trying to explain that the staff had done everything right, and that she was no longer welcome in the casino, when Susan sprinted up and bit them both in quick time.

I've tried to push the painting on these models with bite marks and infection marks on all and a bit of freehand, I don't normally paint modern day models and these were a refreshing change of pace from the other projects I've been doing recently. That's all for this post, so until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave