Thursday 11 April 2024


 This week I have been working flat out on multiple painted orders, so have nothing to show model wise, so thought I'd use the time to talk about a couple of things I've noticed recently.

As I comment on multiple different platforms, I've come across a few issues, some are constantly trying to make me resign in, annoying but not a problem, but one platform is causing me issues, so some of the blogs you can like a reply, but for some reason, it doesn't show up when I log in, so it looks like I'm being rude and not liking a responding comment. The blogs this is happening on, is Guru Pigs (used to work, but has since disappeared), Alex's, Wudughasts, and Roger's. So I apologise to all concerned, and I am not ignoring you, if any one knows of a solution please let me know.

The next issue I am currently dealing with is the icons disappearing from my own blog, so I can not add peoples blog's to my blog list, so It's not that you don't deserve to be in it, just that I don't know how to solve this problem, any advice on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

The last thing today is a comment I read, which started me thinking. The basics of it was that their output wasn't as big as other peoples. All of us paint at different speeds, we all paint at different levels and styles, and should never judge what we do, against what others do, as we all have different amounts of free time available, and commitments that we need to sort first. I always try and take inspiration from others, on the way they paint, or the amount they get through, or both, but never judge myself against them, as it's not a competition, I see the blogosphere as more of a support network, where you can interact with like minded people from all over the world, gain good advice to solve problems or elevate your game, and then there are always the challenges to help motivate to get projects finished. In closing I would say use the blogs as a resource, rather than a stick, it will help your mental health.

That's all for this post, next time hopefully I will have some models to show, instead of ramblings, so until next time stay safe, and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Sunday 7 April 2024


 No I am not talking about my holiday, which even though the weather and travel back was bad, it was great to spend quality time with the wife and children, no I am talking about the subject material of the latest commission I've done for one of my regular clients. All of the models shown are 3D prints of torture equipment, they are 3 different sets, and I've photographed them in the packs they come in.

My client liked the painting but asked if I would add some extra bits, a skeleton on the torture rack, and a severed head in the basket of the guillotine, which I have below.

Enjoy doing these commissions, as I get to paint stuff that I may not do for myself.

In other news we have a new addition to our family, Angel she is a rescue dog, that we have adopted, she is very timid, and not sure that she wants human interaction, but slowly she is coming out of her shell, and starting to copy our other dog, I even had a wake up sniff from her the other morning, and even took Loki's normal sleep spot next to my bed. 

That's all for todays post, so until next time stay safe, and have fun !

Cheers Dave 

Thursday 28 March 2024


 As many of you will know there was characters that appeared in the Lord of the Rings book that didn't make it into the movies. To combat this GW got a licence from the Tolkien foundation to produce models that appear in the books and not the films. The first one today is Tom Bombadil, for the colours I found a reference picture from Fantasy Flight Games, which I liked and replicated.

Next today is goblins we heard in the first movie but didn't see playing a drum.

These next two are Goblin leaders that didn't appear in the movie either, and on the second one you can see GW's influence in the sculpt as the skulls creep in ! LOL

That's all for today, there will be no posts next week, as I am away from the computer on a small holiday, and will have to try and catch up on all your posts when I return, so until next time stay safe and have fun 

Cheers Dave

Monday 25 March 2024


This unit of scouts was made and painted to a tabletop level a long time ago, for the tournament I took my Night Hawks to, but they really needed finishing, and now with the veteran status I'm going to have in my army, these seemed perfect candidates with their full camo. I've completely redone the flesh areas on show, and tidied up the rest, I've also added the creeping vines to all the rocks as well, as only a couple had them. The models themselves either started as Imperial Guard snipers or a Captain, and a Vindicare Assassin. I wanted them all to have helmets, apart from the sergeant which was made from the Catachan Captain.

All the models are in the three standard shooting positions either prone (led down), kneeling, or standing, and where possible are resting their rifle on a rock for stability.

I mentioned when I showed my veterans, that I was looking for a alternative for scout bikers, due to my army being flight based, the simple solution would be to put them on jetbikes, but as these are rare in 40K, and I already want to do a full company on them, I needed an alternative. My first idea had been hanggliders, and I may well still do at least 1 unit of these for stealth operations, but I've gone with the Flying Wing that several modern day armies already have.

One of the options with the bikers is to have a grenade launcher, so rather than replace the bolters, I had the scout carry it. I've kept the model dark so it can do night opps and left off all markings except it's squad number which is on top of the wing. 

That's all for todays post, so until next time, stay safe, and have fun !

Cheers Dave  

Thursday 21 March 2024


 The next LOTR model is the Ringwraith on Fell Beast, this is the original metal release model with plastic wings, it needed a bit of refining on the joins, some areas needed to be trimmed and others more greenstuff added to hide the seam lines. I've tried to match the colours from the screen shot I found, and involved a lot of mixing of colours.

The wings took the longest time, with so many glaze layers to match the reference, but did manage to replicate the patterns.

The only addition to this model I did was to add in some reigns, these were made from folding some masking tape over in itself, and then cutting off the desired thickness, and sticking in place.

Below is the screenshot I used for reference.

Pleased with how this one turned out overall, but lots more to do, so until next time, stay safe, and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Monday 18 March 2024


 In 40K veteran Space Marines are normally in embellished armour, or armour that is only available to them, with one notable exception being Space Wolf scouts, who had a veteran status. Now this may well have changed, as I'm not up to date with GW's rules. As my army relies heavily on scouts, I thought it would be a cool idea to have veteran scouts, as well as normal scouts. To depict the veteran status I decided to paint the armour in my normal chapters colour, rather than the bone colour I normally use (except the sergeant's, which could also be veterans). To further the look as well I've kept the kneepad colour the same as the rest of the armour, instead of the white.

This is the first 5, and I used the scouts from the storm speeder, which gave some quite dynamic poses, the sergeant has a regular marine head with a face grill, to add to the look of his veteran status. I will need to do 5 more to bring it up to a full squad of 10, but will need to find some models first, I may get the new Killteam box to make up a second squad, and also have a stand in for some bikers, but more on that in a later post. So that's all for this post, so until next time, stay safe, and have fun !

Cheers Dave

Thursday 14 March 2024


 And now so do I, well a painted one at least ! LOL The box has a wide array of models in it, so I'm picking out interesting models to work on, while I slowly chip away at the bulk of Uruk's and Goblins, and I really like the cave troll model, so this was the next to get finished.

I've also got five Ringwraiths on foot finished, while I finish the two on horseback, and the one on Fell Beast.

Expect a lot more LOTR models as I work my way through, but I may get some other stuff finished every now and then to break up all the same colour painting ! LOL So until next time stay safe and have fun !

Cheers Dave